[WIP] Worldmap

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[WIP] Worldmap

Postby phul » Thu Sep 05, 2013 11:00 am

Hey guys!

I am right now working on a worldmap as a jpg/png/gif file. Right now it is 1900*1900 pixels big and each pixel represents 10 blocks ingame. (1800*1800 for the actual map and 100 on both sides for a nice scale :))
But I also need help! Not only do I need coordinates of stuff to put it into the map. I will also need ideas of how to draw symbolic pixel art for each of the given formations like "pillars, spawn, normal islands, bubble islands, spheres, etc!"
They have to be pretty small otherwise the map is useless, at the same time they shouldnt look ugly :)

Here is a [WIP!] Link for you guys to check it out. Please mind that stuff like naming for squares is missing (For people that do not know what I mean with this it's like A1 or Q3 and you know which square is ment.)

http://minus.com/lFbivMdGkuxyq Posting as URL because it's 1900*1900 :)

Also tell me what you think of this idea etc etc etc.

Basic information on the map:
Total size: 1900*1900 px (size WILL change when I know how much space I need for the legend :))
Map size: 1800*1800 px
Square size: 100*100 px
Scale: 1/10

Still needed:
A legend so people know what each symbol actually means. Not sure where to place the legend yet, I'll make an additional pic for the legend so the picture wont get any bigger but as soon as I find enough space inside the map with nothing in content I'll move them there! :)
Images for:
- Bubble island
- Pillar
- Spheres
- Ice stars (if needed or wanted)
- Normal islands
- Spawn
- Towns (if needed or wanted)

Things I want to add for later updates: Markings for faction zones and other stuff! :)

*EDIT*: As soon as I have all stuff done I will release the PSD file of it nicely organized so people can do their own map for their own server or if they want to mark something hidden etc.
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Re: [WIP] Worldmap

Postby Quirky » Thu Sep 05, 2013 11:45 am

Funnily enough I actually started working on a similar project being an interactive map with the ability to upload coords and share them to specific people you invite i.e. People within your faction.

I think there was a War Z version someone did similar to what I was thinking but of course with the map being so large it would take a lot of time.
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Re: [WIP] Worldmap

Postby phul » Thu Sep 05, 2013 12:08 pm

Sadly I lack the knowledge to make it interactive. Therefore I can only make it this way.
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Re: [WIP] Worldmap

Postby MrBenjammin » Thu Sep 05, 2013 3:48 pm

This is a pretty neat idea. I'm moving it too the Official Server forum as it's related to that.
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Re: [WIP] Worldmap

Postby Beatles1 » Sun Oct 20, 2013 4:52 pm

It was Sunday, I had nothing better to do, I felt some like writing some PHP, this happened: http://edwardbowden.co.uk/snmap/

Its not great but it basically automates the creation of one of these images. Don't expect it to be used it's just another one of those things I end up making when I get bored.
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