Turrets & Other Multi-Ship Designs

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Turrets & Other Multi-Ship Designs

Postby WILDCATreactor » Wed Apr 08, 2015 1:12 am

Whipped this up after I'd heard about clamps coming in.
Red: Clamp, Generator, Battery, or Ammo crate as appropriate
Brown: iron cannon
Purple: glass/hardened glass
Yellow: empty space
Light Gray: turret hull
Dark Grey: main hull
Light Blue: "gunner's" wheel
Dark Blue: main hull critical holding point
Green: thrusters

Anyone else planning large-scale permaclamping to make monstrous engines of war and industry?

UPDATE: It works! The locking structure had to be redesigned, but I've got two 10-cannon turrets on a little destroyer and they work great aside from being kinda large for even a maxed-out hull. The battleship should look even better if it can fit through a jump gate.
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