Clamp Juking

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Clamp Juking

Postby Kliphr3a » Wed Dec 02, 2015 3:58 am

I see you found out the issue with land clamps;

did something in the logs give it away or did someone else find it ;P

The bug wasnt even that exploitable until you introduced power clamp haha, but seeing as you found out, theres also a couple more bugs out there with clamps, which your recent patch may or may not have fixed, we will be testing.

one is that when a ship has a clamped state that is interupted in some way, such as unclamping from a clamp juke based on clamp destruction, or when being recalled, ect, it gives the ship some sort of random control state, where it will behave abnormally (steering will make the ship fly forward or sideways for example, or it will move on its own).

there were a couple more glitches that were caused by the bug you fixed today, so we will be seeing if they still exist or not, and will keep you posted

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