Important: Bug Reporting Rules

Reports any bugs you find here. Please read the rules for reporting bugs, so we can make the best effort to fix them. Please also check the below bug tracker if your bug already exists. Duplicates will be deleted and ignored. Do not bump.

Important: Bug Reporting Rules

Postby MrBenjammin » Thu Dec 12, 2013 3:19 pm

Reporting Bugs

Please follow these rules in order for me to help you and actively solve bugs. I'm tightening up the rules, due to a lot of duplicates being posted and posts with little to no information.

  1. Check the tracker first. It's quite likely you are not the only person to have found the bug. Please check here first. This lists the reported and verified bugs. If you have any more information to offer on the bug please follow the link to "Related Forum Post" and post it there. If there is no link to a forum post. Feel free to create a new forum post for it and I'll add it to the tracker. That way I can better track information about it in one place.
  2. Please give as much detail as possible. I cannot help you or fix the issue if you simply posti a crash log with context or other text.
  3. Do not to post unrelated bugs in a thread just because it is being answered before your own.
  4. Do not bump topics.
  5. Please have patience. There are many other bugs than the one you have found. On top of that I still have to work on features so it may take some time to get to dealing with your specific problem. Bugs are also prioritized based on importance and low priority bugs will only likely be fixed after more major ones.

Please post new threads with the following formatting. Those without will be ignored or deleted from now on. The reason for this is the majority of the current threads have incredibly vague titles and are non-descriptive making them a pain to sort through and impossibly to verify.

Please in square brackets include the version of the client/server where the bug is happening. E.g. "[0.139]". Make sure your title is short but descriptive to what problem you are having. "Crash" is not an acceptable title. Please try to roughly describe the issue as well as you can. E.g. "[0.139] Crashing on player shooting".

When describing a bug please give as an accurate account of what you were doing before the bug happened and what the actual bug is that is happening. If you have an exact case for making this bug happen every time please post the steps I can do to recreate it.

For crashes please also post the error the client pops up with if it is available. For the server a most recent section of the Log.txt and Crash.txt are required. Post these log and crash files on and link them in your post so they do not clutter up the post and make it difficult to read.
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