New Weapon Types For Ships

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New Weapon Types For Ships

Postby crunch » Mon Oct 05, 2015 9:13 pm

I have thought about some ideas for new weapon types that could create alot of variety in ship battles

take in mind that all sugestions is just a rough sketch of what kind of weapons i would like to see coming to sky nations and all sugestions are up to change, hope this could bring up a small discussion

Shrapnel Cannon
A slow reloading cannon that shoots scattered canonball fragments in small range with huge spread that damages all types of blocks (kinda like a giant shotgun) this could be used on close range and would encourage people to play more agressive
it should take double as much energy as a normal cannon, have double as much reload time, use some new kind of giant shell as ammo that should be more expensive than normal canonballs and only be able to shoot up to maximum 50 blocks (the damage should decay depending on distance shot but the shots would get alot more scattered)

Machine Gun
A block that when clicked on or held down on would fire alot of bullets infront of it with low accuracy these should not be normal copper bullets but instead iron or titanium bullets that would do a small amount of damage to all blocks aswell as players this type of gun would make it easier to chase people down which is very hard at the moment because of normal cannonballs being too slow when firing forwards
the shots should take one iron/titanium and one molten core for 5/10 shots and it should take around 5-10 power for each shot fired. it could deal 1 damage to machine blocks 3 damage to metal blocks and 5 damage to normal blocks

Gas Clouds
this should be a more defensive type of weapon that releases a static bubble behind the ship that would explode after 3 seconds and release a gas cloud (similar to the one the magmasite queen uses just maybe a bit smaller) this cloud should stop all shot fired at it and would do damage to players as well as ships (the damage should just not be as high as the one the MQ uses)
the ammo should be made out of poison sacks and the reload time should be about 20 seconds

Cap'n Crunch :)
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Re: New Weapon Types For Ships

Postby Vanto » Wed Oct 07, 2015 11:44 am

I would love some new weapons too. Maybe like a grappling hook that can slow people or some sort of weapon that slows. Hell maybe even a flak cannon that is like good against glass but you have to calibrate the range. I did like your ideas too.
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