Update - Syphon Changes and Map Updates

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Update - Syphon Changes and Map Updates

Postby MrBenjammin » Mon Jul 04, 2016 4:33 pm

Hey guys, a new update is now available. Syphon fuel has been changed to work a bit differently in this update. There are now two types of Syphon Miners, the original Syphon Miner is now a "Large Syphon Miner" and a new one has been added called a "Small Syphon Miner", which is a cheaper alternative that produces Syphon slower and is primarly constructed out of Copper. The colour of Syphon mined is now seeded randomly across the map, rather than previously using the Biome. Rarer Syphon colours such as Blue will appear further away from the spawn. Previously Syphon had created resources based on the Biome it came from, which in reality is not very useful for both a starting nations and one a very established one with a lot of resources. When refined the Syphon fuel now creates a new item called a core. There are Blue, Green and Yellow cores as well the preexisting Burnout Cores. These are created from the colour relative to it(Red makes Burntout cores). Other than the Burntout Cores which is already used in a lot of current recipes, the new cores will be required to make a lot of future high tier/more effective items. This should help owning claims becoming more vital to Nations as you'll have to hold some territory to produce these resources. The cheaper miners also make for a substantially smaller loss when losing these claims compared to their much more expensive counterparts. In coming updates claim defenses will be changed and made a lot weaker to allow for more attacks/skirmishes on these claims however there will be some other ways to defend those claims. So be aware of that when setting up your claims!

The Prospector block has also been changed, it will now show you the colour of a Systems Syphon after scanning it. This will also be left on your map so you can check on it easily in the future without the need to rescan it.

A few additions have been made to the map. It will now show claims of your own Nation and other players as a territory overlay around them, with green representing your own and red representing others. Making it easier to see in a zoomed out state. An icon for biomes is also now revealed when you have visited a system once, so you no longer need to manually remember what each system is.

Since the last update I noticed a few players were having an Effect.Dispose error being thrown when trying to start the game. It took a bit of investigating but it turns out their Graphics Cards did not support shader model 5, so I've also moved back the game's shaders to use SM4 again so you should no longer experience this crash, sorry about any inconvenience and thank you to Concord Dawn for helping me figure that through answering my questions!

There's also been a pretty huge set of bug fixes, you can check them out in the change log below.

How do I update?

The client will be updated automatically for you. The server files will be available shortly. Make sure you backup your server first, then copy the new files over your existing server files.

Change log
  • Claimed systems on the map now have a territory overlay.
  • Systems you have visited now show as an icon representing their biome.
  • The game now opens on Display1 instead of in the middle of two monitors when using more than one monitor in Window mode.
  • Added Small Mining Syphon.
  • Large improvement to memory consumption and gc generation.
  • Prospector now shows the syphon fuel type for the system. It now takes 5 seconds to scan a system. The Prospector no longer requires turning on/off when moving to new system to scan it.
  • The Map now shows Syphon colours once they’ve been Prospected by the player.
  • Syphon Fuel is now seeded differently. Colours are now rarity, rather than linked to Biome. Based on their distance from spawn + a random modifier.
  • The Refinery now makes different coloured Cores(Green,Blue,Yellow, Burntout) from the Syphon fuel rather than random resources based on where they come from. These will be used to make higher tier stuff in the future.
  • Changed some shaders back to SM4 from 5. For players who do not have GPUs that support newer shader models.
  • Fixed a client crash caused when deconstructing ship.
  • Fixed a client crash caused by docked ships loading before their parents
  • Fixed a client crash caused by crafting before the menu has loaded.
  • Fixed a client crash caused by Magmasite Queen Spikes updating before receiving network info.
  • Fixed a client crash caused by the debug export mesh hot key being hit accidentally by users multiple times.
  • Fixed map bookmarks causing a crash if they listed a system that no longer exists.
  • Fixed a client crash when using the Generator the menu before the player has fully loaded.
  • Fixed a server crash caused by the server trying to tell the client about a docked ship that is currently not loaded.
  • Fixed a server crash caused by chunk sending state when it’s been destroyed.
  • Fixed Schematic preview being black for some players.
  • Fixed Schematic projection being black for some players.
  • Fixed a client crash caused by missing effect parameters for Syphon Miners.
  • Fixed a client crash caused by Ammo Crate when trying to drag an empty item slot.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Item Kit dialog from popping up.
  • Fixed a text input problem on signs.
  • Fixed a client crash caused by interacting with a crate when entering a zone before player data is correctly loaded.
  • Fixed a crash caused by players deleting Skins folder then launching Options menu.
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