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Game Updates

PostPosted: Thu Jun 13, 2013 12:22 pm
by MrBenjammin
Update 0.111
I've just uploaded a fix for a major crash on the server. You can get it here:

  • Added /tp playername to commands for admins.
  • /saveall now correctly saves actors and ships as well as islands.
  • /shutdown now also causes a saveall to occur.
  • Added /gid command. /gid itemID amount allows you to give yourself in the same way as /give except with itemID’s instead of names. It is a work around to some issues with /give at the moment.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a crash during saving of ships.
  • Made server version independent of client. Updates will now give you a message on starting the server if it is out of date.
  • Fixed ships not being responsive in some cases.
  • Fixed threaded crash issue.

Re: Server Updates

PostPosted: Fri Jun 14, 2013 1:38 am
by MrBenjammin
Update 0.112
I've just uploaded a new server at
It should fix the final actor.update crash. Which has been the last crashing bug we have experienced on the official servers with lots of players.I'd strongly advice updating to this if you have a dedicated server up!

  • Fixed Actor Crash bug.
  • Fixed wording on teleports.
  • Fixed some minor performance things.

  • Changed arc on cannon balls to be much shallower.
  • Changed some of the timing for chunk loading. Chunks should load faster for players.

Re: Server Updates

PostPosted: Fri Jun 14, 2013 11:52 pm
by MrBenjammin
I've just uploaded a update server. It completely revamps how ship saving works. So they're unfortunately, it will not load previous ship saves. The good thing is it sorts out all the issues with previous saving. Sorry about that guys! Hopefully I won't need to do an update like this in the future. to download as always!

Server Changlog 0.113
  • Added /kickall
  • Ships now save every 15 minutes like chunks.
  • /shutdown now saves everything again.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed infinite ‘drops’ from blocks in chunks that have collided.
  • Fixed ‘ and other characters giving escape sequences in chat.
  • Fixed actor’s having incorrect network proximity range. This should also fix ‘floaty actor syndrome’ near spawn and help performance significantly.
  • Fixed ships sometimes not saving correctly. Rebuilt entire way ships are saved, its a lot more flexible now and gives some headway to newer changes.
  • Fixed ships not stopping correctly on collisions.
  • Fixed incorrect drop for wooden decking and wooden platforms.
  • Fixed possible exploit with special characters crashing clients in messages.

Re: Server Updates

PostPosted: Sat Jun 15, 2013 1:38 pm
by MrBenjammin
New update out fixing a critical issue with previous fix for saving.

Change log 0.114
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a remaining issue with ships not being saved in a race condition.
  • Fixed falling through ships on loading in.

Re: Game Updates

PostPosted: Sun Jun 16, 2013 1:52 am
by MrBenjammin
Pretty big update to client guys! Including fixing the infamous crafting bug. Both client and server updates can be downloaded from

Currently there is a issue with 'ghost' players on popular servers. These are players who have disconnected but through a bug in the network libary I am using still remain. If a player is completely unresponsive, they may be a ghost. This will stop the real player logging back in. The thing to do is as an admin type /ghost playername. This will safely remove them.

Client Change log 0.112

  • Added a block to spawn on generation that allows you to reset your inventory if you lose your items. This is temporary.
  • Molten Rock is now a fuel source.
  • Changed spawn platform to be made out of new invincible block. Undestroyiam.

  • Official servers now have a golden coin icon next to them on the server list so you can recognise them.
  • Disabled tree sway due to bug at long distance.
  • Developers now have a coin next to their name in chat.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed chat retaining messages and sending it on re-opening chat.
  • Fixed names being cut off due to length in chat.
  • Fixed not fully scrolling to bottom in item bar.
  • Fixed chat input effecting steering.
  • Fixed sculpter input effecting steering.
  • Fixed remember me on login screen.
  • Fixed not being able to disable chunk lighting in options.
  • Fixed being able to use tools while in chat menu.
  • Fixed crafting bug. Wohoo!

Server Change log 0.115
  • Ship speed is now added to cannon ball speed.
  • Added above gameplay changes.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed missing ‘/’ and ‘\’ in chat validation.

Re: Game Updates

PostPosted: Tue Jun 18, 2013 1:02 am
by MrBenjammin
Largish update to fix a bunch of issues. This will likely be last solely bug fixing update. Before I begin work on content updates.
You can download it at:

Client Changelog 0.113
  • Indestructium now has a item so it can be placed.
  • There is now an item called ‘Admin Mallet’ which can only be used by admins and will destroy any block(Such as indestructium).
  • Changed update notice on client.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed cannon balls crashing client when connection is lost.
  • Fixed losing session after being in server lobby for 5 minutes+.
  • Fixed a crash when removing all blocks from item sculpter.
  • Fixed item bar sometimes crashing client

Server Changelog 0.116
  • Changed update notice on server.
  • Added login message. Which can be set in server settings.xml with <MOTD>My message playaaa</MOTD>
Bug Fixes
  • Final fix for ghost players.
  • Fixed ‘*’ missing in chat.
  • Fixed item drops falling through chunks and ships.
  • Made a preventative fix for invisible inventory issue. Needs more testing on live servers.
  • Fixed a bug that on restart would reassign sculpted item ID’s. If you had your swapped, simply get an admin to /give you it with its name.
  • Fixed threading issue which could cause the server to crash.
  • Fixed issue where you would be bounced into the air with strange non-existing unloaded chunks.
  • Fixed tools and placing not working correctly on really fast moving ships.
  • Fixed a glitch where all damage was 10 to blocks.

Known Issues
  • Sliding on ships very far out from spawn.
  • Destroying a chunk or ship while standing on it ejects you to spawn.

Re: Game Updates

PostPosted: Tue Jun 18, 2013 8:47 pm
by MrBenjammin
Just a minor update to say an issue has been resolved on the web side of things where people couldn't log in with 16 character names.

Re: Game Updates

PostPosted: Fri Jun 21, 2013 9:16 pm
by MrBenjammin
First Content Update


As you'll probably see I've fixed a lot of outstanding issues and done a lot balancing changes. One of the pretty major changes is that the map is now of fixed size. Unfortunately you'll need to wipe your current World folder. But you don't need to wipe the ships, players or items. If you don't wipe the world folder, you can play without any further generation.

What this means is that servers will run much faster after the initial generation on startup and will have limited resources. You can set sizes on server startup. It also means in the future a lot more complex and cool things can be done with the map generation. The official server has been running a map size of 8k for the last week and is more than big enough. This took about 10 minutes to generate as a reference in the size you want to choose.

If you want to keep your current map and just not have it generate new areas.You can use the file attached to this post to convert them. Just extract it into your server folder and run it.

Client Changelog 0.114
  • Added updater to client. When client tells you its out of date simply click Update at the top of the login screen.
  • Added forum link to login.
  • Added player skins. Login and upload yours at:
  • Esc now closes the inventory as well as ‘i’(default).
  • Dropped items of the same type now magnetise together and combine stacks. Their collision has also been optimised.
  • Your spawn can now be bound to ships and will move with them. If you destroy a spawn stone you’re binding to that area or ship will be lost.
  • Reduced amount of particles in explosions.
  • Nerfed repair tools by 50%.
  • 1 Unrefined iron now makes 2 iron.
  • Mass generators now cost 4 iron instead of 8.
  • Steering block now uses copper in place of iron.
  • Iron Cannons now cost 2 iron instead of 4.
  • Storage crates cost 6 planks instead of 12.
  • Item Kits now cost 2 copper instead of 6.
  • Logs now make 3 planks.
  • Players now temporarily start with spawn blocks.
  • Halved plank blocks health.
  • Ships rotation speed has temporarily been largely increased.
  • Ships vertical speed has temporarily been largely increased
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed UI sometimes being responsive when the game window is in background.
  • Ensured Item sculpter is not accepting keyboard input during normal play.
  • Fixed lighting remaining after breaking lanterns on chunk boundaries.
  • Fixed missing surfaces when removing blocks on chunk boundaries.
  • Fixed exploit where you could dupe items in inventory.
  • Fixed exploit duping items in chests.
  • Fixed sliding issue, hopefully.

Server Changelog 0.117
  • Made teleport messages private.
  • Added command /ts shipid which teleports you to a ship of given id.
  • Added command /bs shipid which brings a ship to you of given id.
  • Added /protect to prevent the chunk you are standing on from being damaged.
  • Added /unprotect to revert the chunk to being normal.
  • Rewrote entire island generation system and refactored the code. Worlds are now generated at a fixed size on first start up. This gives a massive performance boost as areas do not need to be generated on reaching them.
  • The world can be generated at any size you like. But the larger, the longer it will take to generate initially.
  • Chunk files are now a lot smaller. For comparison previously a world of 8k squared would be around 1.8gb, it is now 80mb.
  • Default time compression is now x10 faster. Day and night cycles will last 24 minutes by default.
  • Time compression is now settable in Server Settings.xml with the tag <TimeCompression>10</TimeCompression>

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed spelling mistake with teleports.
  • Fixed kick, ban, unban, tp, bring and admin commands not working with spaced names.
  • Fixed the ‘jumping’ or black hole bug where you would get stuck in invisible spots jumping.
  • Fixed stacks being deleted when placing items over current fuel items in mass generator.
  • Fixed a bug in which repair tools sometimes did not repair proper amount.

Re: Game Updates

PostPosted: Tue Jun 25, 2013 12:44 am
by MrBenjammin
Managed to fix the sliding bug. So I thought I'd upload a patch for it ASAP! So here it is. You can download it with the Update button on the login screen or by:

It also has some of the features I worked on today. Here's the changelog enjoy!

Sliding Hot Fix + Early Update 2
Client Changelog 0.115
  • You can now unbind from Spawn stones by right clicking them again after binding to them.
  • Changed update text to be more clear for new updater.
  • Re-added death boon to keep you on your spawn while loading
  • Blue Lanterns now have their own texture.
  • You can now turn lanterns on and off with right click.
  • You now press default shift to not fall off edges(if you’re not hardcore).
  • Base ships are now much smaller and the longest side is always the back.
  • Changed Hard Glass to use 8 sand and molten rock.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed sliding bug.
  • Fixed teleporting on chunk/ship being destroyed.
  • Fixed sculpted items not being removed when player logs out.

Server Changelog 0.118
  • No longer records chunk fetches in log.
  • Now logs corrupted chunks.
  • Changed chunk reading to correctly mark corrupted chunks to avoid the ‘jumping’ bug on them.
  • Optimized cannons.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where ship spawns were being re-issued IDs.
  • Fixed multiple death messages.

Re: Game Updates

PostPosted: Fri Jun 28, 2013 8:38 pm
by MrBenjammin
Update 2
This week's update focuses on adding some usability changes and also the base functionality for Link Drives. You can read more here.

You can update the client by clicking the update button at the top of the login screen or you can download the latest server files and client at:

Client Changelog 0.116
  • Cannon balls no longer hit through blocks.
  • Cannon balls now do player damage. Damage is stronger closer to the center of the blast.
  • You can now turn thrusters on and off to help power management.
  • Added pause menu. Press Esc to bring up pause menu.
  • Removed F12 exit. Use the pause menu.
  • Added ping to hud next to compass.
  • Added a button to upload skins to login screen.
  • Added Link Drives to ships - Currently only usable by admin commands.
  • Added server name, ip and MOTD to pause menu.
  • Added Coords below Compass.
  • Remade texture for Spawn stone.
  • Texture mapping has been changed to make textures on different sized blocks properly proportioned and not skewed. Blocks with reversed text have also been corrected by this change.
  • Added directional lighting to objects lit by Default Lit shader(most Entities).
  • Cannon balls have a smaller area of effect.
  • Hard Glass is now cheaper and costs 4 of both ingredients instead of 8.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed edge mode not working on chunk boundaries.
  • Fixed turned off yellow lantern blocks still giving some light.
  • Fixed changing resolution causing depth buffer to go nuts and draw everything behind the sky. Which made it invisible to players.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t pick some servers in server list.
  • Fixed an issue where the port in the server list was not always correct.
  • Fixed sculpted items not removing correctly when switching them in inventory.
  • Fixed selecting items with number keys breaking item scrolling in item bar.

Server Changelog 0.119
  • You can now whisper other players with /w and /tell as well as the old command /whisper.
  • Changed whisper message formatting and re-colored it blue.
  • Added a command to duplicate ships “/ds shipid”.
  • Added /help for players.
  • Removed /spawn command for spawning ship bases. Use a Energy Well.
  • Added /unadmin to remove administrators(this does not effect RootAdmins set in the ServerSettings.xml.
  • Server now logs chat in log.txt.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed spawn sending player to spawn platform as a result of changes during Monday’s Hot Fix.
  • Added preventative fix to ships being saved as empty chunks in some cases.