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Update 0.86 - Caching, Languages and Gameplay

PostPosted: Mon Nov 10, 2014 6:52 pm
by MrBenjammin
Update 0.86 is out! It consists of many small changes that add up to make some bigger knock on effects, especially some of the Nation and new player changes. As well as changes to make life easier while playing Sky Nations.

Before we go over the a bunch of the changes I'd like to announce something pretty neat. I'll be exhibiting at Insomnia 53 in the Indie Zone. For those that haven't run into the iseries events before Insomnia is a big gaming event in the UK that happens 3 times a year and is a whole lot of fun! It runs from the 21st of November across the weekend. I'll be showing off something secret I've been working on over various weekends so if you're about in Coventry come say "Hi"! There's still a lot of stuff to get sorted for the event, so much of the prepping and actual event may delay the next update by about a week. Rather than the usual 3 week schedule.

Nation Changes
Nations can now upload their own Emblem, a 64x64 image which will appear on the newly added Emblem Signs and more things in the future. The list of available Emblems is taken from the "[install directory]/GameData/Emblems/" and the images you use must be PNG format.
Demo accounts joining a Nation no longer count towards the Nations claim cap to prevent a lot of Demo account registrations solely for the purpose of boosting a small Nation's capping ability on the Community Servers. Nations can now also only claim adjacent Systems to their first claim rather than any System on the map to mitigate a singular Nation blocking many key spaces on a server. These changes will not delete existing claims but Nations who find their claiming cap considerably reduced will not be able to Claim any more Nations until they unclaim existing ones or gain more legitimate members.

Chunk Caching
Clients will now cache up to 100mb of Chunk data that it receives from the server. This means that revisiting areas that have had little change will be a much faster load time as the server does not need to resend the data and the client will simply load it off your hard drive instead. This will be particularly beneficial for those with slower connections. This should also reduce bandwidth use for servers significantly from their regular players.

Japanese and Russian Language Support
Since Japan is the 5th biggest portion of the Sky Nations userbase I've added support for Japanese Kanji characters in most of the UI including chat, though only about 1000 characters that are commonly used(taken from up to Grade 7 learning) are available. Cyrillic is now supported by a lot of the in-game GUI text including chat so Russian players can now chat in their Native language. These changes do not mean that the in-game text is translated. Just that game is capable of displaying your Native languages which is useful specifically for the chat window.

Quality of Life Changes
Map can now be zoomed in and out using the mouse scroller making it much easier to use and identify areas you would like to visit. Rafts now spawn with all the basics already built onto them such as a Steering Wheel and Thrusters. On top of this I have added a "New Player" block for Server Admins to place at their spawn which will teleport the player using it to a random system up to 3 jumps away from spawn with a prebuilt raft which should help mitigate people griefing new players at their spawn by breaking their ship and other such means.

You can now delete ships from your plans, however for Nation plans only leaders have the permissions to delete their respective Nation's ship plans.

Lasers no longer drop blocks to the ground when using them to mine materials. They will pump out the block to an adjacent crate if there is one or out the top of the laser if there is not a crate available. This is to mitigate the big performance hit having many players mining with large ships that we see at busy server times hurting the servers performance due to the tens of thousands of active item entities. This is also a lot more convenient for players as you no longer have to manually collect materials laser mined or use magnets to automate collection in most cases.

You can now ignore specific players in all chat including whispers using "/ignore Username". To ignore a player you can use /unignore in the same manner. If you'd like to view everyone you have ignored you can use "/ignorelist".

This is a quick overview of some of the changes. For a more in-depth list of all the changes check the change log below.

Steam clients will be updated automatically. To update the non-Steam version the launcher will update the game. For server host, make a backup of your files as always. Then simply download the new files and overwrite your existing ones with them.

Change log 0.86
  • Added Emblems for Nations which can be set in the Nation Window.
  • Added Emblem signs which will display your Emblem. It has the same recipe as normal Signs.
  • Added /removeemblem [nationname] to admin commands which will remove and delete Nation emblems.
  • Added Options menu to the lobby screen.
  • You can now Zoom in and out on the Map screen with Mouse Scroll Wheel or PageUp & PageDown.
  • Added /ignore username and /unignore username to default Scripts. Ignoring a player will not show their messages in chat. You can also use /ignorelist to see who you’ve ignored. These commands are all shown in /help.
  • Default gear no longer has 32 planks, thrusters or a Steering Wheel.
  • The recipe for crates now requires 1 copper as well as the previous amount of planks.
  • Rafts spawned by Energy Wells now have premade steering and thrusters.
  • Added New Player block. Similar to Reset Block however it will spawn the user in a random system up to 3 jumps away from spawn with a premade raft.
  • Demo accounts no longer count towards member count needed for claims. To stop people creating many free accounts to avoid caps. By default after this update all players in a Nation will be counted as a trial until they login and the server can update their status. This will not delete current claims.
  • Nations can now only claim adjacent Systems to their existing claim. This will not delete current claims.
  • Added support for Japanese Kanji up to Grade 7 characters in general UI(including chat) and name tags.
  • Added support for Cyrillic text in general UI(including chat) and nametags.
  • Steam version authorisation now uses HTTPS.
  • Added /unnation to admin commands which will revoke a Ship’s nation when standing on it.
  • Added Remove button for Ship plans on the Ship constructor. Only Nation leaders can delete Nation ship plans.
  • Admin Mallets now work in Nation claims.
  • Added Experimental Caching for systems. Clients will cache chunks like a browser if they haven’t changed rather than redownloading them when you re-enter a system. This also goes for ships. This should mean faster loading systems when you revisit them and smaller bandwidth cost for servers.
  • Added Right Click to drag on map as well as existing middle mouse.
  • Added Remote Console mod written by FaceWound for managing the server. It can be enabled via Server Settings. The client console can be found at:
  • You can now close the pause menu with Esc.
  • Energy Relay blocks are now classed as machines.
  • Blocks broken by lasers no longer drop as items but are put in an adjacent crate to the laser. This is to speed up server performance when many players are mining with very large laser arrays.
  • Whispers are now logged in Server Console/Logs for admins.
  • Death messages are now only in local.
  • High view distance is now 512 blocks rather than 300.
  • Mass Gens now save their on/off status between sessions.
  • Fixed version numbers being wrong for non-English users and servers. For example 0.84 would appear as 84. All version numbers now use the standardised decimal point of “.” regardless of Windows/Linux culture settings.
  • Fixed a graphics device crash.
  • Fixed a Steam API crash occurring for small set of users.
  • Fixed a web server/Steam change that broke logins for some Steam users.
  • Fixed still being able to scan Nation Beacons.
  • Fixed Chat anti-flood from sending ignored message to everyone rather than the culprit.
  • Fixed an error with whisper replies.
  • Fixed character being rendered transparent in Equipment preview.
  • Fixed Nations not being able to remove Allies.
  • Fixed Client/Disconnect and Player Join/Leave to be more detailed and part of logging and not Console.
  • Fixed player skins being broken in previous update. Sorry about that!
  • Fixed Nations being creatable with the same name in different cases.
  • Fixed Relay Connection message appearing outside of debug builds.
  • Fixed Generator window crash.
  • Fixed Server crash caused by Energy Relay.
  • Fixed Thrusters being toggle-able off by non nation players when SPF’d.
  • Fixed a crash caused by hints.

Re: Update 0.86 - Caching, Languages and Gameplay

PostPosted: Mon Nov 10, 2014 7:49 pm
by Thanos
Sorry wasn't able to get back to you on the potential server crash deal however you fixed it anyway, it had to do with mass lasers on a incredible scale. Now that it doesn't have to calculate thousands of chunks falling it shaves off a lot of cycles.

The ignore player file is missing btw.

Re: Update 0.86 - Caching, Languages and Gameplay

PostPosted: Mon Nov 10, 2014 8:11 pm
by MrBenjammin
The ignore player file is created when people ignore players. It's not something that's come with the server files.

Re: Update 0.86 - Caching, Languages and Gameplay

PostPosted: Mon Nov 10, 2014 8:19 pm
by Thanos
Cool, now to finish making items!

Skins work perfect!

Re: Update 0.86 - Caching, Languages and Gameplay

PostPosted: Mon Nov 10, 2014 10:40 pm
by Thanos
Steam doesn't auto update all clients, don't know why but hey it's steam and they are crap.

Re: Update 0.86 - Caching, Languages and Gameplay

PostPosted: Mon Nov 10, 2014 10:50 pm
by Thanos
Already existing thrusters wont turn on.

Re: Update 0.86 - Caching, Languages and Gameplay

PostPosted: Mon Nov 10, 2014 11:49 pm
by MrBenjammin
Pull the latest server files from the site. It should fix it.

Re: Update 0.86 - Caching, Languages and Gameplay

PostPosted: Wed Nov 12, 2014 4:28 pm
by GDragon
Perfect! ;)

Re: Update 0.86 - Caching, Languages and Gameplay

PostPosted: Fri Nov 21, 2014 7:58 pm
by GDragon
Please add server files to steam...
Steam have tools category - special for sdk, server etc...

Re: Update 0.86 - Caching, Languages and Gameplay

PostPosted: Tue Dec 02, 2014 8:28 pm
by miver
Please pick up speed of flight of cannonballs.
Now their speed of about 8-9. any ship (large accelerated to a maximum of 10) will go on the attack.