Update 0.87 - Capital Beginnings

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Update 0.87 - Capital Beginnings

Postby MrBenjammin » Wed Dec 10, 2014 10:38 pm

The beginning of the large proposal I posted here a little while ago is out today. The release of all the features from the document is going to be staggered out over a couple of updates. This is so people have a chance to adapt to the changes, such as moving your bases and goodies to your Capital before existing claims take on a different meaning within the game. It also gives me bitesized portions to work on which can carry other smaller changes and bug fixes.

The first part of this is update is a basic implementation of the Capitals themselves and the Gates that lead to them. For those that don't want to read the long document above. Capitals are the new bases for Nations. Each Nation is provided with one and players from outside that Nation cannot visit it(for the moment). This gives you a safe place to build and harbour your stuff. It also means risk for your creations is choice based. You choose what you're going to take outside of the Capital and who you let into your Nation, rather than your goods being up for grabs while you're offline. This is going to be significantly fleshed out in coming updates with changes to the on-map existing claims, which will be less easily defended and become more volatile and will have unique bonuses to owning them as well as some special rewards from an event system designed to bring players outside of their bases to do ship to ship combat. You can check out more of the overall plan for the Nation changes here.

Reclaim machines have also seen a massive nerf to bring them closer to what they were intended for. They will now take 4 minutes if they're being reclaim from an area that players are in. You cannot use them if a player is standing on the ship you are trying to reclaim. The bubble that appears around them, which you can destroy to prevent the Reclaim from happening now has significantly less health as it has been changed from 5000 to 1000. This should make ships that are being Reclaimed sitting ducks if they are being Reclaimed during combat. Which was the original intention.

Smaller changes but important changes include Mallets now being x2 effect as they were before. Ships created from Constructors now cost 125% of their Material cost rather than previous 100%. Making it more expensive to manufacture ships and trade up through materials. Ship plans also now automatically remove SPF's to prevent confusion when using a Ship Constructor and expecting them to be pre-bound to the players Nation.

Community Servers
Just as quick update on the Community Servers as I know most people play on them. I no longer Admin or host either of them, as it takes a significant amount of time away from development. I'll obviously still pop in to chat and play. They will still be used to test fixes before wider releases. Community 2 as always is run by Siroro and Community 1 is now run by FaceWound. So you have a specific server issues for either of the two Community Servers talk to the respective lovely chaps that run them rather than emailing me. If you find a bug or issues outside of that obviously please send those my way!

How do I update?
Clients will be automatically updated.

Server files are up. When you start the server for the first time with the update, it will create Nation Capitals for existing Nations. It will also ask you how many Capital Gates you would like on the map if it detects none. Make sure you back your files up before this update. Then simply copy the update files over the existing ones.

When updating your servers MAKE A BACKUP OF THE MAP. This update changes elements on the map.

  • Added Capital Systems for Nations. A completely safe system that lives off-grid for Nations to build their HQ in and store their ships. New Nations will have them automatically generated when their Nation is created. Existing ones will be assigned systems on first server startup after the update. All Capitals are ID 100000 and above, so if you have existing systems(unlikely) that follow that ID range you may want to change them.
  • Added Capital Gates. These are large gates which will take Nation members to their Capital if their capital is assigned to the specific gate. Server owners will be asked on first startup how many gates they want generated after the update. They will overwrite random unclaimed systems on the map. I recommend choosing a number below 10% of your System count otherwise you will have too many gates. Capital Gate systems are safe zones by default.
  • Added Capital Gate assigning UI to the territory page of the Nation window. You can only have one Capital Gate assigned to your Nation and the choice is permanent so choose wisely. Capital Gates are marked on the world map.
  • Added Copper Railings. Recipe/Item coming next week.
  • Thruster burn damage now passes through Respawn Chambers glass parts to burn things behind them.
  • Added message notifying player they cannot use Respawn Chambers on ships.
  • Changed Bans so they display a reason and are for a set interval. /ban now uses the formatting: “/ban username hour reason”. Usernames with spaces must be replaced with underscores. For example “/ban Merchant_Cat 24 Prices too high!”.
  • Changed map zooming to be centered to the middle of the screen rather than the corner.
  • Ship plans now automatically remove SPF’s to prevent confusion.
  • Mallets are now 200% more effective.
  • Reclaim Machines have been massively nerfed. It now takes 4 minutes to reclaim a ship from a loaded system. If the system is unloaded, which means no ones been in it for quite a few minutes it will still be instant. The bubbles around the ship while reclaiming also now have ⅕ of the health they had previously with 1000 instead of 5000. Ships being reclaimed will now be the sitting ducks they were intended to be to prevent players cheesing out of situations.
  • You can also no longer start a Reclaim if someone is standing on the ship.
  • Manufactured Ships now cost 125% of their material worth rather than 100%.
  • Fixed chunk cache building up to be too big in some cases creating long loading times.
  • Fixed actor preview being invisible in the Item Sculpter.
  • Fixed turrets getting the player stuck if they’re mounted to it on it’s destruction.
  • Fixed head getting stuck in 3 block high blocks above repeaters. Players can also now fit in 2 block high spaces when mounting turrets.
  • Fixed Artillery Cannons requiring 3 block high space to mount. They now require 2.
  • Fixed an exploit used to cheat a way into ships to delete SPFs.
  • Fixed exploit where you could not unbind from Respawns that are now owned by other players.
  • Fixed a bug where the second claim you made did not have to be adjacent but all others do. All claims except your first one must adjacent.
  • Fixed map centering for find me/merchant cat/bookmarks.
  • Leaves should no longer consume blocks when growing downwards.
  • Fixed telescope resetting sensitivity.
  • Fixed some exploits used by third party applications.
  • Fixed server crash caused by clients connecting early to the server at startup.
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Re: Update 0.87 - Capital Beginnings

Postby miver » Thu Dec 11, 2014 6:53 am

great ..... you killed pvp.
now defend the base do not have to.
now it's sad sandbox as minecraft.
Thank you for the murder of a great idea.

lose the ship is not terrible. it is easy to copy. so why do I go from the base now? why I built the base and base-defense?! (russian sky)
my base is invulnerable without turrets.
and beautiful boats I can do in Space Engineer...
Let's switch server mode "Survival" mode "creation"
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Re: Update 0.87 - Capital Beginnings

Postby MrBenjammin » Thu Dec 11, 2014 1:57 pm

This is part of an update to actually have proper PVP instead of offline base raiding, Miver. Please read through the actual document I linked. It details how people will be brought outside of their bases to actually fight. Which didn't happen at all pre-this update. There was no PVP at all. Fighting a base with no one in it is not PVP.
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Re: Update 0.87 - Capital Beginnings

Postby Thanos » Thu Dec 11, 2014 2:33 pm

I like you Ben you are a smart kid on programming that being said this game seems to be going in a strange direction. It's just weird, I hate watching games with fantastic potential just heading down awkward path.

Then again it's very difficult finding a good game these days anyway haha.I dunno man hopefully this all works out eventually.
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Re: Update 0.87 - Capital Beginnings

Postby Xerra » Thu Dec 11, 2014 7:26 pm

One of the fun parts of this game was base take-downs. Sure , sometimes the owners weren't there but we used to love working out how to take down the tricky systems where people had been clever in turret arrangements and fortifications. We thought our base was as safe as it can get until someone managed it and it was fun trying to get it back again.

We've stripped out lots of bases and taken everything and we've had the same happen to us. And that was part of what makes the game great.

I'd have to agree that I'm concerned we're going from a proper pvp game that didn't cater to care-bears to creative mode like Minecraft has.

I'll reserve complete judgement until i've logged on to have a look but I can see why people aren't too happy over this.
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Re: Update 0.87 - Capital Beginnings

Postby MrBenjammin » Thu Dec 11, 2014 8:25 pm

Make sure you read the document through as well so you understand the wider changes and coming updates. It seems like a couple of people are reading basically what exists now, but not how it will work in the future. There has to be a period of overlap so people can move their bases over where we have a mix of both new system and old system. Which is today's update. Rather than me simply deleting everyone's progress. This is a small part of a large set of changes, to bring actual PVP. Not players attacking other players bases while they were offline. That isn't really PVP at all and it's frustrating to the point of quitting almost unanimously for the victims(as explained why in the document). It was the single biggest thing driving players away. Very few people want to 'carebear', they want to do PVP. But they don't want to login to find they lost a bunch of things they had no way to defend. When all the changes are done, there will be actual reasons to fight other players and a structured method to actually bring players to fight on points of interest. Which is what the game is supposed to be about, pending some more variation in ship combat. Not just running into a base for many hours a day. I appreciate some players enjoy trying to get past a bases defenses, but there really isn't a huge depth to found in it, especially if there's no one play it. It's just what came about from the existing system which is very flawed. The events should mean everyone has a somewhat fair chance to go fight and actually have a depth in terms of what types of ships you build and the best way to complete and compete different objectives. Which reap unique rewards not normally attainable.
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Re: Update 0.87 - Capital Beginnings

Postby Sssuperguy » Fri Dec 12, 2014 2:42 pm

I think that base takedowns will still exist in the future, after the more later changes have been implemented. For example, if a biome gives the owning nation some sort of perk, owners are obviously going to defend it. Plus, hidden bases will go back into style which are always fun to make and find.
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Re: Update 0.87 - Capital Beginnings

Postby miver » Sat Dec 13, 2014 8:33 pm

you share a great game on the mini-games. it's bad.
if for invulnerability in the future will need resources, then ok

if noobs can not understand the base defense - that's their problem.
destroy "the weapons wall" - It's a long time. The owners will have time to return.
Players without a nation does not notice to update (0.87).

we robbed base of redrom(it's nickname) an hour. We had 2, and he 1
his defense("the weapons wall") was not touched. Teleport has put us at the center of the sector.
we undermine the beacon and destroyed it.
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Re: Update 0.87 - Capital Beginnings

Postby Takana » Mon Dec 15, 2014 11:23 pm

miver wrote:Teleport has put us at the center of the sector. we undermine the beacon and destroyed it.

Teleport? How on earth did you teleport to the center of a system and right to the beacon?
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Re: Update 0.87 - Capital Beginnings

Postby miver » Tue Dec 16, 2014 6:11 am

You mean the sector "redromans" ? there we ourselves come. (simply someone blind...)

if you do not know how work the teleporters - it's your problem.
just now teleports is very buggy.
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