Update 0.88 Merry Christmas!

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Update 0.88 Merry Christmas!

Postby MrBenjammin » Fri Dec 19, 2014 6:25 pm

Update 0.88 is up, with it is a collection of small changes and bug fixes as well as Winter texture pack as a small celebration of this festive time! I wanted to clear some of the backlog of smaller irks(such as improvements to the Item Sculpter) and bugs before I move onto nerfing defenses and adding events in more serious updates that will be coming in the New Year.


If you'd like to enable the Winter texture pack. Simply open the Options menu in-game(Esc->Options) and choose Winter from the Texture Packs list in the General tab of options. Then click "Apply" and "Save". It should make the game a little more festive with some newer snowy textures.

How do I update?
Clients will be automatically updated. The server files are available here:
To update your server simply copy them over your existing files. Make sure you back up your existing files first!
Changelog 0.88
Back up your map as always!
  • Added a Festive Winter Texture pack.
  • The Item Sculpter is no longer modal and so you can use chat while sculpting.
  • You can now place and make Copper Railings. Recipe: 1 Copper = 2 Railings.
  • Added Steel Railings. Equivalent recipe to Copper Railings.
  • Added Wooden Railings. Equivalent recipe to Copper Railings.
  • Added Local Save/Load for Item Sculpter so you can save your progress without submitting the item.
  • Added SafeZone toggle for Capitals in the Territory tab of the Nation window. Leaders can toggle it on and off.
  • Added /whoid which will list all players and their ID’s for moderators and above.
  • Added /kickid which will kick player with given ID.
  • Added /banid which will ban player with given ID.
  • Added /muteid and /unmuteid to mute players with a given ID.
  • Added /fixplayernation command which will remove a player from a Nation if they cannot correctly leave for very old player saves and Nations that have been corrupted from crashes.
  • The directional light is now better angled for the Item Sculpter.
  • Added Admin/Moderator tag to usernames in chat to prevent impersonation of an Admin.
  • Added bandwidth monitoring for classes both client and server side. Very useful for debugging!
  • Gate Beacons no longer rotate to reduce needless bandwidth and collision usage.
  • Dropped items will no longer fall through chunks that have not calculated their Octree yet.
  • Shadows are now more accurate and no longer cast onto emissive blocks. They will also fade out over distance to prevent artifacts.
  • The sun and moon movement is now much smoother for smaller time compressions.
  • The Item Database no longer shows custom items made by players of the server you are connected to so it is much less confusing for new players.
  • Tree leaves now have inner surfaces to conjoining blocks to make them look more dense.
  • Fixed a bug with /ban using wrong IP for IP bans. Though username bans still worked fine.
  • Fixed some tools being sellable.
  • Fixed exploit where Leafy Soup was priced wrongly for it’s ingredients.
  • Fixed a SafeZone exploit.
  • The server will now automatically recount claimed systems for Nations on startup to make sure the Nation count is correct and to account for crashes or admin changes to the map.
  • Fixed formatting on death messages.
  • Fixed players being able to trigger multiple different new player blocks while waiting for one to start which could crash the server.
  • Fixed Recalling ships from empty systems causing them to not collision check and become stuck in objects when they are teleported into the System you recalled them from.
  • Fixed items falling through some chunks after certain alterations to blocks.
  • Fixed a crash caused by removing Energy Relay connection in very specific circumstances.
  • Fixed an error caused by leaving a Nation which causes it to disband.
  • Fixed a bug that causes players to be stuck in a Nation without actually being in it under very specific circumstances.
  • Fixed lighting on worn sculpted items.
  • Fixed sculpted items sometimes being drawn behind the sky floor, making them appear to be semi transparent.
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Re: Update 0.88 Merry Christmas!

Postby Dahl » Fri Dec 19, 2014 6:36 pm

:D Love the winter texture pack!!
I wish Indestructium was this nice to look at by default. =)
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Re: Update 0.88 Merry Christmas!

Postby Thanos » Fri Dec 19, 2014 8:49 pm

"Added bandwidth monitoring for classes both client and server side. Very useful for debugging!"

Ok is this strictly for dev or how do we enable this visually?
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Re: Update 0.88 Merry Christmas!

Postby MrBenjammin » Sat Dec 20, 2014 12:58 am

It's enabled automatically, the none debug version of the server you can't access. Though I may just make a command to do a dump file. But you can press F10 on the client to get a Client bandwidth dump in the client directory. It's not hugely useful to anyone but me. But it's pretty useful to get debugging data from people in certain situations.
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