Update 0.90 Magmasite Queen

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Update 0.90 Magmasite Queen

Postby MrBenjammin » Tue Feb 10, 2015 4:37 pm

Update 0.90 is out which brings one of the first events in a set that can happen randomly in Sky Nations: The Magmasite Queen! The Magmasite Queen is a large monster and mother to all Magmasites. She will appear on the map every one to two hours when a certain amount of players are on the server(setting in the Server Settings). She is designed to be taken down by a group of players and has three distinct behaviours for you to avoid and counteract. She drops a few new items that will be used to craft new items and weapons in coming updates. So make sure you save up what you get from her! They might not seem useful yet but they will be very useful in the future! As always MQ is a work in progress, so feedback is welcome and there are still a couple of changes I'd like to add to the fight including more sound ques and some mechanical tweaks.

I've also added better keyboard support for non-English keyboards. As long as the game supports your language in the font(which supports a lot of characters), you should be able to type correctly in your native characters. This includes languages like Russian and Japanese. Big thanks to Chris Herold(of SquidUI) for the help on extending the keyboard support.

As always for a full list of changes check out the change log below.

Old Versions
For those that wish to play older versions of the game I've created a branch in the Steam version allowing you to play the previous version to the current update. This should make the server updates transition a little easier as you can continue playing by switching to an old branch until the server you play on switches over. Please remember to use the latest version before reporting bugs though.

How to update
The client update by itself via the Launcher or Steam depending on where you purchased the game. The updated server files will be available within a couple of hours once I'm sure it's stable based on the Community Servers.

Server files are up!

Change log
  • Added Magmasite Queen. The Queen will spawn when <HighEventPlayerCount> is met(see below change). She has a chance to spawn at a max once every hour and a minimum once every 2 hours(which is random i.e. 60 minutes + rand(60)). She only spawns in Fuel Biomes(the biomes with molten rock in) and must be defeated within one hour of her spawning otherwise she will despawn. She will never spawn in claimed areas, nor can areas be claimed while she occupies them. She drops loot not obtainable anywhere else which will be used to craft new items and blocks in future updates which will not be buildable with constructors.
  • Added mic volume indicator below push to talk icon. So you can see that your mic is active. A little green bar will show your relative volume.
  • Added a speaker icon(same as push to talk one) next to player name tags when they are using the mic.
  • Clamps now save their clamping over system loads and unloads. For your pre-existing clamps to save their status you will need to break them and place them back down in order to reset them.
  • Added a better input method for capturing text input from windows. Key presses should not be missed for players with low frame rates.
  • Non-English keyboard layouts input should now work correctly and display the correct characters. For example Russian or Japanese keyboards.
  • Reduced Mounted Repeater Fire rate by 50% but increased accuracy by 50% to make it more viable both against players and mobs(it has also gained a significant accuracy increase from a bug fix listed below).
  • You can now set the starting position and instance for players in Server Settings with <StartInstance> and <StartPosition>.
  • Improved performance of a couple of bottlenecks on the client by about 400%+. Very dense areas should be a lot less CPU intensive on the client.
  • Removed close button on Server Lobby that would leave you without a Lobby window with no way to get it back.
  • Added <LowEventPlayerCount>, <MediumEventPlayerCount> and <HighEventPlayerCount> to server settings. These are the minimum player counts required for low, medium and high difficulty events. Currently High is the only one used for the Magmasite Queen. Though the others will be used as more events are added in.
  • Fixed a bug where cached chunks weren’t always used as opposed to requesting new ones. If you’ve already visited an area, unchanged parts should load very quickly again.
  • Fixed a bug with new player block and energy wells not spawning chunks in the ideal location.
  • Fixed a bug with placement of new ships for energy wells and new player block where ships were spawned inside objects.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Mounted Repeaters inaccuracy to favour certain positions or spread too wide.
  • Improved the player getting stuck after jumps in some cases due to the ship being in the wrong position on the players screen.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs that would cause the ships themselves to be moved into un-loaded chunks before they were loaded when jumping to a new system. Especially for slower servers.
  • Fixed a couple of rare instances where physics objects would not be disposed of when their object dies which would build up overtime and hurt server performance.
  • Fixed a couple of gaps in the system border walls.
  • Fixed a rare crash caused by the server resending class information to the client in very specific circumstances.
  • Fixed laser damage continuing to stack after two lenses.
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Re: Update 0.90 Magmasite Queen

Postby Sssuperguy » Wed Feb 11, 2015 6:53 pm

For future events, maybe consider whether or not some could be more difficult/occur more rarely than others. The queen already seems rather easy to some perspectives, but rather than changing it you could just leave it be and add some harder or less frequent events. That way, some types of event loot will be more rare than others and their uses can be more diverse.
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