Update 0.91 Gravity Storms and Weapons

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Update 0.91 Gravity Storms and Weapons

Postby MrBenjammin » Tue Mar 03, 2015 8:03 pm

Update 0.91 is now out with some new weapons to play with and a new medium event as well as a host of smaller changes and bug fixes.

The new event is known as a Gravity Storm, which both helps clean servers of those messy swarms rafts and provides a sweet set of materials for players who happen to be first on the scene after the storm has passed and its deadly gravity pull has subsided. Be careful though, if you're in the same System as the storm grows you will die. So find your nearest Gate and get out of there!

The new weapons consist of:
  • A Gravity Well, a new machine that can be crafted from some of the loot drops given by the Magmasite Queen which when triggered will pull in any nearby objects or ships. Useful for pulling your enemies in ready for boarding! As well as boasting some utility uses for clever builders.
  • A Gravity Spring, essentially the opposite to the Well it will generate a force pushing objects away. This can be used to divert projectiles and push boarding parties away in a moment of crisis.

Both gravity weapons sit on a ship wide timer to prevent their overuse. They will also stabilize the ship using them against Gravity weapon during their activation.
I've also added Trophies as discussed in the developer log a week or so ago, added a new set of loading screens from player builds and a host of other small tweaks and bug fixes. For the full list check out the change log at the bottom of the post.

How to update
The Steam and Sky Nations Launcher will automatically update your clients for you. The server files will be available shortly once I'm sure they're fairly stable on the Community servers.

  • Added Gravity Well. A weapon that creates a gravitational field around your ship.
  • Added Gravity Spring. A weapon that creates an anti-gravitational field around your ship.
  • Added Gravity Storm medium event. A storm will occasionally occur in unclaimed systems with 100 or more ships in. These storms will pull in ships and destroy them becoming bigger for each ship. After set amount of time and they will clear leaving a deposit of ores.
  • Added Merchant Cat trophy. Can sometimes be found in Merchant Cats trade stations.
  • Added Magmasite Queen Trophy. Dropped very rarely by the Magmasite Queen.
  • Added Tables. Craftable from 4 planks.
  • Added new loading screens showing player builds. Submit your awesome constructions to possibly be in it by shooting me an email: [email protected] - Needs to be 1920x1080.
  • Added reproducible attribute to blocks/items. Items that are not reproducible cannot be constructed in the ship constructor. Reproducibility is shown in the item description if the item is not reproducible.
  • Sped up MQ movement.(pending remake of phase 2)
  • Remade Glass texture and added 2 alternatives as Decorative Glass blocks 1 and 2.
  • Optimized some rendering bottlenecks for very dense areas.
  • Optimized draw calls over many parts of the core engine.
  • Optimized lighting. Areas with hundreds of lights should perform better now, especially for lower end GPUs. You should be able to set your max light settings much higher now in some cases.
  • Loading screen no longer disappears until the client has made a connection to the server.
  • Admins in god mode will no longer receive the disable block placing debuff when taking damage.
  • Crash logs will now save in a folder relative to the current server version with a time stamp. i.e. “Crash Logs 0.91/3-51 4-2-2015.log”. This should make it easier to log multiple crashes and also separate the versions to prevent old reports.

  • Fixed a bug causing some players to appear relative to the center of a system when jumping.
  • Fixed Reclaiming machines not checking the correct amount of free space when teleporting in docked ships.
  • Fixed Reclaiming machines breaking physics of clamped together ships when pulling them to a new instance.
  • Fixed Reclaiming machines not teleporting ships from unloaded sectors that are clamped to other ships.
  • Fixed a bug that would reset the Max light count in the Options window to the minimum.
  • Fixed player count in lobby being incorrect and much lower than actual server count. Servers also now update the lobby much more often.
  • Fixed MQ spawning regardless of player high event threshold.
  • Fixed Rcon settings missing from Server Settings.xml
  • Fixed Rcon not loading correct file and thus server settings not enabling it.
  • Fixed Item Magnets pulling items and destroying when they’re already full.
  • Fixed a bug causing ghosts of player sessions to be left if they log out before authentication happens.
  • Fixed a threading crash on client when generating meshes.
  • Fixed an exploit where you could keep the same amount of thrust when turning thrusters off as long as you didn’t try to throttle up or down.
  • Fixed Merchant Cat still selling depreciated SPS blocks.
  • Fixed Jetpack being used up while climbing ladder blocks.
  • Fixed Loot crates will move back into the system borders if they are spawned outside.
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