Update 0.92 - Schematics

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Update 0.92 - Schematics

Postby MrBenjammin » Thu Apr 02, 2015 4:50 pm

Hey guys, the new update is out that adds quite a few small changes and a new mechanic into the game.

The new mechanic is basically a combination of two smaller mechanics. The first one being Schematics. Schematics are structures you can build out of certain materials that perform tasks for you. You can check out the current Schematics you can make via the in-game Knowledge Base window(default key: B) under the Schematics tab. This will show you the a 3D model, a description and the materials you'll need to construct it. Building them can be a tricky affair, luckily there's a new block called the Schematic Projector. This little holographic projector will create a faint hologram of the schematic directly above it for you to build into to make sure you match it exactly.

The first 3 Schematic machines you can build in this update are:
  • Syphon Miner - This is a large device that brings up resources from the surface of the earth. It only works on-map(not in Capitals). Over time it creates a resource called "Syphon". Which is a coloured fluid, depending on the biome of the System it is mined from. The Syphon has a tank with enough space for 3 days of mining. The speed it mines the fluid depends on the Resource Value of the system(which is temporarily displayed on the Map(default: M)).
  • Syphon Containers - These are small containers that you build on ships which are for transporting the Syphon fluid from your Miners to your Refineries. To transfer the fluid, simply align your Fuel Ports on the Container with the same on the Miner and it will begin withdrawing the resource until it is full.
  • Syphon Refinery - Refineries are large structures that will convert the fluid into resources. Matching up the fuel ports with Containers will transfer the fluid into them and they will begin processing it. Depending on the colour(which Biome it is from) it will be converted into resources found in this Biomes. Syphon Refineries can only be built in Capitals.

All the schematic machines continue their jobs offline and also do not require power. However, they do produce resources fairly slowly over time because of this. The speed may be changed to be faster or slower in the future for balancing, but the starting figures should give me a fairly good set of data to work off.

The gains from Syphon and Schematics should hopefully give holding claims on the map a significant benefit as well more legitimate reasons to attack others holding those prime spots. These are also more progress in the overall plan I posted quite awhile ago for Capitals vs on map claims and encouraging PVP. In line with this claims are a little more attackable, turrets now only fire 1 missile at a time, rather than a volley of two(essentially a 50% reduction). A bug has also been fixed which was allowing missile splash damage to travel through walls. Making claims on the whole more viable to take with the right amount of resources vs defenses, risk(spent resources) vs reward(gained resources/advantages) should still play a big part in your decision making on whether to attack an area.

To combat more cheesier ways of attacking claims that we've seen recently such as Raft spam in order to force the gates to throw ships deeper into a System and sometimes past defenses(mitigated with spread out turret defenses) the Reset block has been given a 5 minute cool down per player and Energy Wells are now more expensive making this a much more expensive endeavour.

As mentioned above the second mechanic is Resource Values. Systems have their own Resource Values. These are currently displayed on the map under "R:" next to the system name temporarily, in the future it will require you to prospect the area in order to learn these values. Resource values are somewhat random but also scale up depending on how many jumps away from a Capital Gate you are. Systems with higher Resource Values basically give faster yield for your Syphon Miners.

There has been a huge host of smaller changes and fixes not mentioned here which you can check out in the change log below.

How do I update?
The client will be automatically updated for you. The server files will be out shortly when I've fixed anything that pops up within the first few hours of the new servers being live.

  • Added Schematics which are special type of buildings that perform tasks.
  • Added Syphon Refinery(created from Schematics). This structure takes syphon from Syphon Miners transported with Syphon Containers and converts it to the resources relevant to the biome it came from.
  • Added Schematic Tab in the in-game knowledge base(press B) where you can view any Schematic with the resources it requires and a 3D model.
  • Added Syphon Miners(created from Schematics) which will mine from the surface of the earth bringing you materials relevant to the biome it’s used in. The speed is relevant to the Resource Value of the System. Systems further away from Capital Gates will reap more.
  • Added Syphon Container(created from Schematics) which is used to transport material made by Mining Syphons.
  • Added Schematic Projector which projects a hologram of the schematic you’d like to build so you can construct it easily.
  • All Systems now have a resource value which affects the yield for Mining Syphons. Systems further from capital gates have the best possible yield.
  • Added black background for System Names on the map.
  • The Systems map now correctly centers on the player when opens.
  • When a System is hovered over in the System Map it will display over any overlapping system names.
  • Reset Blocks now have a 5 minute timer to prevent exploits and mitigate raft spam.
  • Gravity Springs will now hold the ship in place when fired.
  • Hard Glass damage by bullets has been reduced by 75%.
  • Reduced Table health to 25.
  • Demo players on Community Servers can no longer be promoted to Nation leaders.
  • Gravity Storms now require a threshold of ships to be able to create ore deposits.
  • Initially loading the game in a play session should be much faster now for very large chunk caches.
  • Nerfed Missile Pod, it now only fires 1 missile at a time. Make sure you double down on defenses.
  • Missile’s can now be detonated by bullets and other explosions.
  • Special Blocks(blocks that save data) when corrupted will no longer remove the whole chunk but delete the offending block and log it.
  • Added soft sound effect for placing blocks.
  • Energy Wells are now more expensive to craft.
  • Debugging or unavailable blocks are now hidden in the Item Database to be less confusing to players.
  • Temporarily System resource values are shown on the map. As “R: 10”.

  • Fixed Nation Beacons not being positioned correctly on system reload in some cases.
  • Fixed a server crash caused by chunks undocking from each other in certain situations.
  • FFixed a server crash caused by ships jumping in certain situations with unloaded docked ships.
  • Fixed ray cast bug that would make new land chunks after the first block impossible or very hard to place new blocks on or interact with existing blocks.
  • Fixed the mesh part of the trophies not always being removed.
  • Fixed an exploit with Mounted Repeaters.
  • Fixed an economy exploit through crafting value inflation.
  • Fixed max claim count not working in some cases.
  • Fixed lighting and rendering for Item Kit items in equipment and actor previews.
  • Fixed global lighting for Item Kit items.
  • Fixed Decorative Glass types not being hurt by bullet damage like other Glass materials.
  • Fixed a potential server crash caused by Reclaim machines.
  • Fixed a crash related to physics joints on docked ships that no longer exist.
  • Fixed a crash related to physics groups not existing.
  • Fixed splash damage hurting players through walls in some cases. Most notable with Missile defenses.
  • Fixed crash caused by telescope in some cases.
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