Update 0.93 - Switches, Crafting and more

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Update 0.93 - Switches, Crafting and more

Postby MrBenjammin » Tue Apr 28, 2015 4:36 pm

Hey guys, Update 0.93 is finally up and it brings a lot of quality of life changes I've been wanting to add into Sky Nations for quite some time as well as some new stuff!
Airbrakes have been added to ships to allow for much finer air control while braking. The braking without Airbrakes essentially cancels your thrust but does not cancel your velocity as many of you may have noticed, so your ships tend to coast a bit after braking. Airbrakes cancel your velocity via air resistance allowing you to come to a complete stop much quicker. They do however have a couple of caveats, there cannot be blocks in front or behind them as it blocks any air resistance in the first place. You can however have other Airbrakes in front or behind them.
There are two new blocks that should make running very large ships significantly easier in this update. These are switches for lasers and generators. Essentially what these allow you to do is turn all of the given block on or off at once by simply hitting the big button the switch. If your lasers or generators are in a mixed state, for example some are on and some are off it will go with the majority status. So having 5 generators on and 2 off. It will see 5 of them are on and switch them all to off. This allows a much simpler and less frustrating job of managing them on your ships and also allows you to embed them in places you don't have to be able to reach. I also hope to add more switches for similar tasks like Thrusters in the future.

Crafting has also been changed a little to allow you to batch craft large numbers of items much easier without having to worry about the interface shifting as your materials change. Simply clicking on a item in the Crafting menu will now bring up a window allowing you to specify the amount you'd like to craft. Saving a countless clicking! If you'd like to craft a single item like you could before just hold shift and click the item. When entering numbers into the Crafting popup it will adjust them if they are not a multiple of the item you are making. For example logs create 3 planks. Trying to craft 4 planks would lose you two potential planks from a log so the input will adjust it down to 3 to save you doing the maths.

An early detection system has been added for both claimed and non claimed areas called the "Detector Dish". There is still some work I'd like to do it on but the basic functionality is there. You can place it down in a system and right click it, this will align it to your Nation. Any moving ships in the System will be detected by it and it will alert your Nation members of it. This is useful as an early warning system and a intruder detection system for those remote areas you can't always have people at.

The temporary "R" values next to System names on the Map have been removed and replaced with a appropriate block to display them called a "Prospector". When turned on it displays the Resource Value of the System you are currently in.

One of the larger changes that won't hugely be apparent is that we've moved to using a different Networking library. The networking library is basically what handles the messages between the game server and client, previously I'd had issues with a bug in the one we'd used as it would resend a lot of data when it didn't need to and cause large blocks of data such as loading a system as you enter it to be inherently slow for players with less than perfect internet connections. This is solved with the new library and many people with slower than average internet connections(such as myself!) should see zones loading much faster and overall more responsiveness to many actions in-game that require the server to ok them.

As always there's a whole host of other changes. Check them out below in the change log.

How to update
The client will be automatically updated by Steam or the Sky Nations launcher. The server files will be available shortly once I've cleaned up any bugs that pop up on the Community Servers.

Change Log
  • Added Airbrakes for ships.
  • Added Generator Switch.
  • Added Laser Switch.
  • Added Prospector block which identifies Resource Values of systems.
  • Added Detector Dish that detects non-aligned moving ships in the zone and reports it back to all live members in the Nation.
  • Ported to new network library to decrease loading time of zones significantly for players as well as overall use less bandwidth due to a bug in old network library.
  • Changed Crafting panel to have an enterable number for the amount you would like to craft. To craft 1 of an item without the amount window simply hold shift while clicking it.
  • Splash should be more accurate and wider for Missiles.
  • Increased missile block damage by 20.
  • Missiles now use Continuous Collision Detection(CCD) to increase accuracy at high speeds.
  • Changed Full Screen mode to be Borderless Window mode instead which is much improved and allows better tabbing while the game is full screen without unloading content.
  • Changed max chat log line count from 70 to 500.
  • Updated Escape Drive description to match its purpose.
  • Optimized render culling of small ships.
  • Corrupted or otherwise troublesome ship files are automatically moved by the server to “Crash Logs [Version]/Corrupted Ships/” folder to prevent them causing further errors along with a note for their loading error for debugging.
  • Night is now x3 brighter.
  • Changed Atomic Waste value to 4 from 20.
  • Fixed a crash caused by incorrect emblem data.
  • Fixed a rendering bug with screenspace object shaders.
  • Fixed a potential server crash.
  • Fixed a server crash caused by removing some objects in certain circumstances that no longer exist.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Trophies to disappear upon jumping systems.
  • Fixed a server crash caused by Merchant Cat falling off his ship as he jumps.
  • Fixed a crash caused by empty chunks generating physics representations(likely caused by a corrupt chunk).
  • Fixed doors only placing the bottom block if a player exists in the space where the top block should be.
  • Potentially fixed a bug that would cause players to be teleported to odd locations when attempting to pilot a freshly unclamped ship for the first time.
  • Fixed Nation Beacons sometimes resetting to the wrong position on system reloads due to the timing of collisioeneration.
  • Fixed a crash caused by a timing issue when generating a mesh.
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