Update 0.97 - Broader Mod Support

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Update 0.97 - Broader Mod Support

Postby MrBenjammin » Thu Sep 17, 2015 6:58 pm

Hey guys, 0.97 is now up. It has a couple of gameplay tweaks such as Merchant King's defense drones no longer being killed by his beams and also despawning if there are no players left in the area. But the meat of it is not only better mod support that covers more of the game but also mod support that is less prone to conflicts between different mods and also removing the need for server owners to have to make manual changes to install them. They should also be a bit less prone to an awkward process of updating them with new server files as they most likely won't be overwritten by the games default files as they stand alone in their own directories.

Mods are now stored in the GameData/Mods/ folder with their own subdirectory within that. Such as "GameData/Mods/BensAmazingMod/". You can write your own scripts and put them in this folder under Scripts, which is very similar to the previous single Scripts folder which has access to the Mod API. However they now sit apart from everything else and chat commands have been cleaned up to derive from GameCommand which the server can automatically see and add to the commands list without you having to do anything extra. However, you can now do a bunch more with scripts! You can create custom scripts for blocks and items as well. If you're interested in this check out the Example mod that is in the mods directory by default which shows simple scripts for chat commands, blocks and items. You can assign one or multiple mods at once in the Server Settings.xml file simply using the tags:
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It wouldn't be very useful if you could create custom interactions for blocks and items if you couldn't create your own items and blocks. So now you can! In a similar way to the scripts. In your mods folder you can define a Tiles.xml and Items.xml which will allow you to specify new blocks and items exactly how the rest of the game does for the server. These are automatically downloaded to any clients that join your server so there's no convoluted process of having to hand out specific files for players to install. For how to define basic items or blocks check out the Example mod mentioned above. You can also check out Tiles.xml and Items.xml inside the server's GameData folder for look at how all the items and blocks in the game defined and all their properties.

So you can have your own items and blocks for your server. But to make them unique you'll want your own textures, which is also now possible with Custom Skins(Texture Packs) for servers. Servers can now have their own texture packs assigned, once assigned they will be downloaded by the clients that join and automatically set over what the client has currently selected. Allowing you to give your server a unique look. They work very similar to the Client side texture packs in that you just need to provide a .PNG image file of the same name and directory as the texture you want to replace. However, they also allow you to add textures . Putting new textures in these Texture Packs allows you to reference them in your own Items and Blocks so you can make them look however you'd like. To set a custom texture pack simply use the tag:
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in the Server Settings.xml file.

For a fuller list of changes and fixes check out the change log below. I will be shortly writing a whole bunch of documentation for creating mods on the wiki. Which I'll link to when it's done.

Mod Documentation: http://wiki.skynations.net/doku.php?id=modding
How do I update?
The game will be automatically updated by Sky Nations Launcher or Steam depending how you play it. The server files are available here:
Make sure you backup your server as always before overwriting it with the new files.

Change log
  • Added custom Mod System for servers. Which automatically downloads their relevant content to clients that connect. Mods are created and added in the GameData/Mods/ folder of the server. See “Example” in this folder for an example of how to make simple changes. They are selected in ServerSettings.xml as: <Mods><string>MyModName</string></Mods>
  • Servers can now have their own Texture Packs. These are automatically selected over what the client is using if a texture pack is set. If not then it’s vanilla or the clients choice if they have Texture Packs installed.
  • Servers can now have their own Items.
  • Servers can now have their own Guides. These appear under Server in the knowledge base(default key B).
  • Servers can now have their own Blocks. Which can have their own new textures through the new server Texture Packs.
  • Mods also support their own scripts which live in the given mod directory to prevent awkward manual installation and conflicts.
  • Chat scripts no longer require to be manually added to the chat commands list. They are found automatically so no manual editing is required which would cause potential conflicts.
  • It’s now possible to write scripts for Blocks. See BlockExample in Example mod folder.
  • It’s now possible to write scripts for Items. See ItemExample in Example mod.
  • Removed a bunch of debug messages from release build of the server.
  • Added Machine Parts to Merchant Cat store.
  • Added Machine Parts drop to Merchant King.
  • Defense Drones no longer take damage from Merchant Kings beams.
  • Changed guide directory to be coloured. Guides and Directories in the in-game knowledge base are now different colours to make them easier to differentiate.
  • Chat command “/who” can now be activated as “/playerlist” and “/players”.
  • Chat command “/r” can now also used as “/reply”.
  • Chat command “/ignore” can now also be used as “/block”. The same works for “/unignore” as “/unblock” and “/ignorelist” as “/blocklist.”
  • Added “/ts [id]” command for admins. Allows admins to teleport to a ship of a given ID. This includes across instances(systems).
  • Added “/bs [id]” command for admins. Allows admins to bring a ship to them of given ID. However that ship must be in a loaded area.
  • “/shipcount” has been re-added.
  • “/admin” can now also be used as “/op”.
  • “/tp” and “/bring” has been exposed and rewritten as scripts rather than being internal.
  • “/bring” and “/tp” now work across zones(previously they would just take you to the position.
  • Many chat commands have been cleaned up and optimized during their move to the new scripting setup.
  • Defense Drones now self destruct if the boss zone is empty of players to prevent players luring them to the gate on death.

  • Fixed some timer issues for Merchant King.
  • Fixed a crash caused from getting debug connection info.
  • Fixed some interpolation issues on a couple of entities(MK beams being most majorly effected).
  • Fixed new player block taking players to MK instance by mistake sometimes.
  • Fixed an exploit of being able to create multiple energy wells on a ship through the constructor.
  • Fixed legacy ships using above bug to only take power from the first Energy Well, rather than removing Energy wells.
  • Fixed a crash with item dragging to Ammo window.
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