Update 0.98 - Jump Drives, Power Clamps and Disassembly

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Update 0.98 - Jump Drives, Power Clamps and Disassembly

Postby MrBenjammin » Thu Nov 26, 2015 8:48 pm

Sky Nations Update 0.98 is now up. With a couple of highly requested changes and addtions. One of the major new blocks in this update is the Jump Drive. Those that checked out the livestreams or my twitter may have seen a sneak peak of these. Jump Drives allow you to jump a ship (or ships if you have ships clamped) without passing through a gate. Currently they allow you to jump 1 gate away from your current location. However there is plans for a second tier of jump drive for even further jumps. There are however some weaknesses to the Jump Drives, if the ship is damaged during the jump it will cancel out of the jump, to avoid escaping during battles. It also takes 300 energy and 15 seconds to spin up the drive and 30 seconds to cooldown after a jump. These times may be increased/decreased in the future. The location you exit out of the jump is a randomly selected gate within the system you are jumping too.


I've also added in an opposite to the Ship Constructor, the Ship Deconstructor. This allows you to disassemble ships automatically. It requires land power and a crate for storage, like the Ship Constructor but is a bit simpler to use than its counterpart. All you need to do is drive a ship over it and right click it to activate it. It will fire a beam upwards and slowly begin removing blocks and storing their items(if they have items) in the crates placed around it until the crates are full. This allows more rapid deconstruction of wrecks and old ships in safe havens such as claims or Capitals.

There is also a new tier of Clamp called the Power Clamp. It has all the features of its predecessor, however it also allows power, power capacity and power use to be shared across all the connected ships. This makes larger ships less problematic, since each section does not require it's own individual power sources. Not only does it allow power to be shared across the ships, it also allows Thrust(and thus Max Speed) to be accumulated across the ships. Any ship 'Power Clamped' adds it's thrust to the main ship. These clamps also allow you steer from any of the given ships, however the forward direction will always be that of the main ship(the ship that all other ships are clamped too).

There's also been some more minor changes. Item Recipes have been exposed to Modding. Allowing you to declare your on Recipes(crafting) in your mod folders, in a similar fashion to Items and Tiles. I've moved the backend website stuff that needs to talk to Steam to their new Partner servers, which should mean logins, registrations and account linking should all be much faster as previously their public API had been very unreliable due to Steams large traffic at certain times. Finally, I've recompiled the fonts used specifically in the UI. They're slightly bigger now and play much better with how Windows 10 smooths fonts. They should be specifically much more readable to Windows 10 users and in generally a bit smoother for everyone else.

For a list of all the fixes and changes check out the change log below.

Since my internet connection has increased over the last month or so I've been occasionally livestreaming Sky Nations development during the week and a side project I'm making with a friend every Saturday. If that sounds like something your interested in check out my Twitch Channel and follow it for notifications of when the Streams are happening. I might also stream to YouTube at the same time so there's some recorded VODs of the Streams after the fact and generally get a more consistant schedule if people are interested.

How do I update?
The client will automatically update. To update the server, grab the new files from the download page and paste them over your existing files. Remember to backup your server files first.

  • Added Ship Deconstructor. Opposite to the Constructor, it allows fast disassembly of ships.
  • Added Powered Clamps. These are slightly more expensive clamps that have a higher defense and possesses the below features.
  • Power/Power Capacity/Power Usage is shared across Powered Clamps. This means large ships built from many, don’t need to have power sources/capacity in each section in order to power those parts.
  • Max Speed is now shared through Powered Clamps Clamps. Max speed is cumulatively added together on the main ship that all ships are clamped too.
  • You can steer from any ship clamped to another ship. However, the forward direction is determined by the main ship(the ship that all ships are clamped too). This does not require powered clamps. But may do in the future.
  • Added Jump Drive, allowing ships to jump without a gate. This is specifically very useful for large ships and will jump clamped ships along with you. When jumping to another system, you will be put randomly next to one of its gates(not based on the system you came from). To keep current defenses viable. After jumping the drive has a 15 second cooldown. The Jump Drive can be situated on any ship clamped to another. The cooldown will affect all the ships in the cluster. Can be interrupted by damage to the ship.
  • Added support for Item Recipes to modding. You can now add your own Recipes in your mod directory under a file named Recipes.xml. Check out the example mod for how to declare recipes.
  • Moved web backend to Steam’s new API servers. Logins/Registrations/Account linking should be much faster now and more reliable. Especially during peak times on Steam and during Steam Sales.
  • Greatly improved font rendering for Windows 10 for UI fonts.
  • Fixed a crash on Cap gate generation at server first startup.
  • Fixed a server crash caused by missing physics objects.
  • Fixed a bug with ship rotation and horizontal clamps.
  • Fixed downward clamp offset where the mesh appeared lower than it actually was.
  • Fixed a server crash caused by a player starting authenticating then disconnecting in the moment before Steam authentication finished.
  • Fixed some server settings in Server Settings.xml resetting due to Rcon loading/saving the settings file.
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