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MoreBlocks Mod

Postby Aerion » Tue Dec 01, 2015 7:13 am

Current Update (March 24, 2016):

Never really mentioned properly, but the Mod package ( named SNEssentials ) consists of MoreBlocks and SNEdit. While the former is simply a collection of new Blocks, some with functionality and many with new textures, SNEdit is an ingame editing tool similar to WorldEdit for Minecraft. If you're familiar with WorldEdit, you are familiar with SNEdit. I have to admit lots of functionality is still missing, but the key things are there. First and foremost that would be //set to fill areas as well as //paste to paste whole Minecraft Schematics. Even //copy is implemented, in case you wanted to copy an area and paste it several times over. A full list of commands is on the github page. The reason for this quick explanation is:

I stopped developing SNEssentials for the moment, waiting to see what people create with the current set of tools and what the demand is exactly. Even in its current state (which might need a bit of patience sometimes) its possible to build amazing things!
What I hope the community will do with it (now):

- a Capture the Flag map, for future Capture the Flag Events (there have been events in the past, and the developer, Ben, hinted at wanting to do these types of events again, just a proper map is lacking!)
- modifications of current Biomes which can end up on Com 1 to explore for other players. Put a fancy building on a Desert Island and call it a a day (or build a whole town?)
- Exchange SNSchematics with others, to share your creations (just like MC Schematics)

The Tooling I created with SNEdit is opening a whole new world for player made creations, and if you ever felt that the game is dying or nobody is ever around, THIS is YOUR chance to do something about it, other than complaining! I personally spent hundreds of hours of my free time on these Scripts, at this point I just expect a few hours from the rest of the Community, invested in something that will benefit all the players (new and old), and I honestly don't think thats asking for too much.

I have great ideas for more content, ranging from 'crash sites' (DayZ Epoch inspired) to amazing concepts for CTF maps, involving huge stranded ships and fun mechanics all around. I'm not talking out of my ass and lots of these ideas are realistic and properly thought through, most of them written out on the Mods Trello Board.

At this point its up to the community, up to YOU, to do something, and I'm happy to guide everyone who is interested in getting something done along on their journey, so we can build something great together. I hope the next update I do in this thread involves me telling everyone about a great CTF map someone created and how we're going to proceed to host a CTF event in the near future. Its up to YOU now.

so long

Hello everyone!

With the recently opened up possibility to create Mods, specificially add Blocks, Server-side Texture packs and since 0.98 finally also Recipes, I decided to start a simple Mod project that adds a few more Blocks to the game. As I am totally not a creative Person, its simply named "MoreBlocks", but is professionally hosted as open-source project on

I would like to thank Vanto for his constant feedback and input, and his help coding SNEdit. Also the texture artists Fryor (Hatches and Doors) and EstEst (Shutters and Strut Wedges).

Current Update (Feb 17, 2016):

- The Mod will hopefully get put up on Com 1 within the next two weeks for everyone to enjoy
- still in need of help on all fronts (artists, coders, publicity)
- if you're lucky you can catch me on my dev server (see Server list)

(outdated info):
I would like to thank Thex, Dahl, Retoc, Mr.Blue (and I'm sure I have forgotten someone) for their efforts in either contributing directly (Retoc) or starting Threads, collecting the Blocks players want to see in the game. I have made a compiled list of these Blocks (and a few more I came up with), which you can see in the of the repository (just click the link).

Currently the progress isn't very far ahead, but Deckings and Platforms made from various Metals, including their recipes to craft them, are done and included in the mod. I'm happy about any and all contributions to it, in whatever shape or form. Even if you think it sounds overwhelming to contribute, its surely worth the time and effort!
-> The current progress can be found on the github page!

Happy about all comments and questions





Update: Just leaving this here

(Texture provided by Fryor, thanks!)
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Re: MoreBlocks Mod

Postby Aerion » Wed Dec 09, 2015 12:58 pm

Progress! I put in quite a few Blocks so far as you can see by looking at the "implemented so far" list on the github page. After getting involved with scripting earlier than I thought, and noticing that its actually far easier than I anticipated, I'm going to put in the long requested hatch doors next. What I need in this regard are some good textures for different variants of the hatch door (all the metals?).

When the Mod has progressed a little further than now, it will probably find its use on the Com1 Server, so players can craft and place the new blocks.
Coming ones would be some kind of teleporter and per-button openable hangar doors, both of which need textures as well.
Anyways, I'm a bit let down by the lacking feedback, even from the few active players or the old crew.

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Re: MoreBlocks Mod

Postby Tisg » Wed Dec 09, 2015 2:22 pm

Hey there! First of all - nice work, the game desperatly needs more craftable blocks right now. Though I'm not so sure about the teleport, that thing can make the world's map even smaller than it is right now. I'd love to test your creations, to do that I should host my own server, right?
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Re: MoreBlocks Mod

Postby Aerion » Wed Dec 09, 2015 5:05 pm

As I don't want to break any balancing of the game, the teleporter was just supposed to bring you from A to B within a System. From my own experience Capitals can get pretty big, and a teleporter to bring you to the Nations Bank, your ship hangars or the Dispersion Generators would just make life easier, but not disturb balancing. Teleporting between Systems is not something I intented to do!

If you want to try the mod you have to set up your own server and follow the instructions on the github page (paste the content of _MOD into your server directory and adjust the ServerSettings.xml), no client side modifications are necessary. Be warned that the textures on the door variants are still broken, thats being worked on though.
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Re: MoreBlocks Mod

Postby suvarak feasul mos » Fri Dec 11, 2015 5:16 pm

Suvarak and friends vote for hatches :D
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Re: MoreBlocks Mod

Postby Vanto » Tue Dec 29, 2015 1:02 pm

Hey nice work on these, I have some ideas for blocks that could add a lot to the game:

>Hatches with all material types
>Multi block thrusters 2x2 3x3
>Thrusters that require clear space in front for an intake
>Current thrusters but make them only work when space behind is empty like 8 blocks at least
>Multi block weapons like large cannons and what not
>Flack cannon which only damages non metal blocks and does extra damage to glass
>Something like thruster disabling missiles
>Point defence aginast missiles
>Heavy Machinegun, an alternative to the current MG
>An Artillery Cannon that fires Grenade Launcher rounds
>Harpoon Gun for ships
>A rifle alternative to shotgun

I have a shit ton of ideas and the game is pretty empty in terms of content so there is a chance make a lot of things...I hope some of these get actually added to the game.
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Re: MoreBlocks Mod

Postby SkyCaptin » Wed Feb 03, 2016 4:11 pm

Dahl just sent me here. cool to see that the blocks i would like to see are taken care of here.
tha hatch is pobably the one i wish most for atm. and it looks great. hope MrBen snatches this asap.

the "missing" planking ect in metal is also looking good, cool. one thing i'd propose, is that the texture on the woodendoor should be turned, so the planks run from top to bottom. or use the crateskin (or the hatchskin) for the wooden door. as it is right now, it does not give much of a contrast if put in a woodenwall. ok purely cosmetic, but hey, we like pretty blockhouses, do we.

i didnt have a look at the link above, so excuse if i mention stuff thats allready in.
one block i would like to use is a smokestack, incl. smoke effect. would be nice to use in my industrial complex, or on ships. could be a big(whole block) one that points upward and/or a smaller that is more like an exaust and goes to the sides of stuff.

then i am tinkering with doors and really would like some sort of doorswitch. sort of a switch like the ones allready in the game, but you can link door to it like you do energy relais to eachother.
the main use for this (for me anyways) would be gunports that open simultanious. for that extra age of sail feeling, when you close to your pray..
oh, and the normal doors are a bit awkard for these gunports. so if the hatch could go to the side of blocks or a new "shutters" item would exist that be very cool too.

now i go better have a look at the link above.
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Re: MoreBlocks Mod

Postby Aerion » Sun Feb 14, 2016 11:33 am

Thanks for your reply and feedback!

Sorry for the delayed answer, I've been on vacation for a week!

The screenshots above, especially of the doors are slightly outdated, the wooden door these days looks much better, thanks to Fryor!


Smoke effects or, for that matter, any other graphical effect, aren't possible with the current mod API, there is nothing I can do about that at all, as it involves client modification, a thing that only Ben can do :)

Doors / hatches that can be opened via button have been requested repeatedly and I will add them to the list.

Last but not least:

-> Please spread the word about the Mod!
-> Always looking for people who can create new textures!
-> Looking for coders (C#)!
-> If someone is up to make a showcase and some neat screenshots of all the new Blocks, that would be super awesome!
-> someone to test the SN Server on a Linux Server, last time I tried (after 0.99) it didn't work
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Re: MoreBlocks Mod

Postby kirby677 » Tue Feb 16, 2016 5:36 pm

Here's those step textures as well as red brick and bookshelf textures.
(9.03 KiB) Downloaded 964 times
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Re: MoreBlocks Mod

Postby Aerion » Sat Mar 26, 2016 4:38 pm


Scroll up and read OP for latest update please, thanks!
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