Update 0.99 - Cameras, Horizontal Wedges and Linux Servers

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Update 0.99 - Cameras, Horizontal Wedges and Linux Servers

Postby MrBenjammin » Tue Feb 02, 2016 10:23 pm

Hey guys, 0.99 is up. This update brings a couple of main features.

The first being Cameras. Cameras come in 3 types(Copper, Steel and Titanium) with increasing video quality and health. They all are accessed via the Camera Monitor, which allows you to see through the eyes of multiple Cameras as well as rotate them. Traditionally in real life we use Cameras for security, however the best use for these new cameras in-game is navigation and awareness. You can control them while your driving and switch between them at any time, including Cameras on docked ships. So strategically placed Cameras can help you dock, park and manoeuvre medium to large ships much easier when you have multiple points of view to do so. Without ruining the perspective with having something like a third person view for the whole ship. They could also be used as security for a larger ship.
Horizontal Wedges have been requested for quite a long time, since the addition of 'vertical' wedges. These are wedges with the slope being horizontally facing. Much like their vertical cousins, they are added at the mesh generation level to make them nice and fast which took a bit of time to get right. Horizontal Wedges exist as a separate item for all their vertical counterparts and are named H-Wedges. This is to make it a bit easier to place them, placing all of the angles with the vertical and horizontal wedges together in one item proved pretty awkward. Although it's not quite as nice as I'd like, to place H-Wedges in set directions you need to place them against a horizontal wall to align them in set directions. Which is a bit different from the Vertical ones which are based on the way your pointing when placing them but proved slightly easier for reliability.

The third and quite time consuming part of this update has been redoing Linux compatibility for the client. Pretty much across the board people host game servers on Linux, the infrastructures already exist and it's cheaper for anyone to rent them due to the Windows licensing fees. The server used to run on Linux through Mono, but as the codebase got bigger and more complex it lost that compatibility, however now Mono is much better and it's pretty important so I spent some time making sure it's back in action. Porting some of the steam stuff the server relies on proved quite awkward and so did the tiny differences between how the game server runs on both platforms, but it's all been wrapped up. Including the minor changes you previously needed to make to script project files run under Linux is handled by the server automatically. The game should be fine to run on a recent version of Mono If you run into any weird incompatibilities with Mono 4.2 or above shoot me a line as it's difficult to manually test all of the game by myself.

You can check out the rest of the changes below. Sorry for the delay on the update overall, I've been having some health issues that's making progress on some days a little difficult.

How to update?
The game client will automatically update. For servers, make a backup of your existing server, then simply copy and overwrite the existing files with new ones you can find here.

Change log
  • Linux Compatibility for Game Server has been redone(64bit Linux only). Recommend using Mono 4.2 or above for best compatibility(though it’ll probably work on earlier versions).
  • Added Camera/Monitor blocks allowing you to view different parts of the ship using them. Including while driving.
  • Added Copper Camera.
  • Added Steel Camera.
  • Added Titanium Camera.
  • Added keybindings for switching and exiting Cameras.
  • Added horizontal wedges to mesh generation.
  • Added Copper H-Wedge.
  • Added Wooden H-Wedge.
  • Added Steel H-Wedge.
  • Added Titanium H-Wedge.
  • Added Glass H-Wedge.
  • Added Hard Glass H-Wedge.
  • Added Iron H-Wedge.
  • Added Stone H-Wedge.
  • Added a new icon for Fuel Hopper to correct the dynamic one that was incorrectly rendered.
  • Price of items is now in their description. As well as in the Item Database(default: B).
  • The Game Server will now convert csproj files across automatically for Linux file paths.
  • Added ChangeBlockBatch to Mod API.
  • Added BiomeSystem.CreateLand() to Mod API.
  • Updated Mod API documentation to include all methods added in this update and previous ones: http://skynations.net/modapi/annotated.html
  • Fixed a bug where custom mod blocks would be removed from client side chunk cache and appear invisible on reload from cache.
  • Fixed a directory issue for Linux server.
  • Fixed steam authentication not working on linux server.
  • Fixed 64bit Steam API binaries on linux.
  • Fixed various compatibility differences between Mono and .NET for Linux server.
  • Fixed jitter at high speeds on clamped chunks due to chunk being moved after being drawn rather than being drawn at same time as parent.
  • Fixed the formatting on recipe new lines.
  • Fixed the price of coloured switches.
  • Fixed price on deconstructor.
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Re: Update 0.99 - Cameras, Horizontal Wedges and Linux Serve

Postby Frostypaws » Thu Feb 04, 2016 4:29 am

So close to 1.00
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Re: Update 0.99 - Cameras, Horizontal Wedges and Linux Serve

Postby Sssuperguy » Fri Feb 05, 2016 2:08 am

Can cameras be damaged by bullets? It would make sense that they should be, given their relatively weak structure (in real life) and use of glass lenses. Besides, it sounds fun to shoot up a security camera if you're a boarding party or to rake a ship with repeater fire if it is controlled by an interior bridge.
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Re: Update 0.99 - Cameras, Horizontal Wedges and Linux Serve

Postby WILDCATreactor » Sun Feb 07, 2016 11:44 am

Hot damn, that's way more than you intimated was possible in the suggestion thread.

*pumps fist* Witnessed!
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