Update 0.999 - Monogame Port

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Update 0.999 - Monogame Port

Postby MrBenjammin » Wed May 25, 2016 3:19 pm

Update 0.999 is now available on Steam and via the launcher. The Monogame port is now available without opting into the beta branch with a bunch of fixes and changes based on bugs found from the Steam beta branch. If you'd like to know more about the MonoGame port and what that means you can checkout my previous post here. A lot of changes have been made internally to Sky Nations to work more efficiently with DirectX11 and MonoGame over the update period too, although there might be some lingering bugs from the port I haven't found in my own testing, most of the major issues are sorted.

Although this update was mostly about getting final parts of the port done, so the game has better, update-able and fixable base for the future. I've also added a small gameplay change which effects a lot of things potentially. Ships jumping through beacons will now have a shield protecting them from damage when they land on the other side. This shield will exist until they move in which case it will be removed. This should stop players being destroyed by defenses, players exploiting undefended player ships and mobs such as Magmasites while the game is loading the zone for the player, which is a wholly unfair way to die! There might be some changes to quite how this works in the future. This is currently telegraphed by a shield surrounding the ship but this may change also.

I've also added a new cleanup system for ships to Sky Nations which is something that's been requested for quite a while. Especially for those with lower end GPU/CPUs who have trouble rendering lots of rafts. This will clean out all ships automatically at set intervals, after experimenting with a few different subtler methods of detecting which ships are likely abandoned, it was a bit to tricky to define in a way that would be clear to players. Where you could easily say "my ship will be removed if [x]". So I've opted for a more clear and concise clean up method. Ships will be cleaned at a set time at most once per day(settable or disable-able in CleanupSchedule.xml by server admins). Ships not in claimed or capital systems will be deleted at a set time per day that are below a certain mass. This mass is settable by admins. For example: the Community 1 server will be set to remove ships below 50 mass on Wednesdays and 100 mass on Sundays at 12:00 server time. This should help remove a lot of the raft build up that ends up dotted around. By default clean up is off on fresh servers.

A couple of changes have been made to make it easier to remove mods also, although it was possible to remove mods that had blocks in the world previously, they are now automatically set to empty and the server will do it's best to deal with special block data either ignoring it or deleting it.

Finally some changes to the server have been made where ship states(information about their position/rotation) were being dropped and causing stuttering a little on the client side making ships sometimes jump a little while flying has been made to help smooth normal movement out. This also includes changes to the steering wheel making it's rotation based on player input again rather the ships rotation movement, which didn't make a lot of sense!

How do I update?
As usual the game client will be updated via Steam or the Launcher. To update a server just overwrite your files with the new files. Make sure to backup first!

0.999 - MonoGame Port
  • Game has been ported to a whole new API. It’s now using MonoGame with DirectX11.
  • Added automatic ship cleanup. Ships are cleaned at automated intervals by the server. These intervals are settable by the server admin in CleanupSchedule.xml file.
  • Blocks are now automatically removed if they no longer exist in Tiles dictionary.
  • Ships jumping from beacons are now invincible until they move a small distance from the point they jumped too. This is represented by a shield around the ship.
  • Ship Steering wheels now reflect player input rather than ship rotation itself.
  • Improved networking on ships/npc states when many are being sent at once and dropped.
  • Added automated crash logging to the client so users no longer have to post crash logs.
  • Fixed Missile Pods not being rendered when re-entering a system.
  • Fixed Missile Pods network proximity mode.
  • Fixed economy missing entries for non-sellable items giving them a 0 price from Merch Cat.
  • Fixed Blip effect crash.
  • Fixed actor preview crash.
  • Fixed an npc crash.
  • Fixed Power Clamp placement being flipped Z Axis.
  • Fixed some texture filtering issues with MonoGame differences.
  • Fixed a crash caused by several stereo sound effects.
  • Fixed Crash logs saving in main server directory instead of their folder.
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