Please make more uses for boss fighting

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Please make more uses for boss fighting

Postby crunch » Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:50 pm

because of the low population there are atm we need more uses for fighting bosses like you should be able to get low tier power cores from machine sphere boss and should be able to make new ship weapons from the magmasite loot

new ship weapons would make space for more different charratistic ship

please just do that
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Re: Please make more uses for boss fighting

Postby Vuk Farkas » Mon Dec 05, 2016 11:34 pm

Purrrsonally i think just adding more ways to utilize weapons would be good (group firing, alternate fire, salvo etc) this would dramatically improve and impact the game! Also balacing weapons would be in order... like canons require power AND ammo, while lasers only require power? Cannons should require no to wery little power, while lasers should be energy consuming weapons to fire.

We could add more weapon or ammo variations, example flak... big AoE, explodes near objects (ya dont need a direct hit) but weak dmg... one way without adding completely new weapons would be combining canon balls with magma rocks, so we can use existing ones. (sure as hell would build a quad flak cannon)

We could add turrets, that are controled by WASD (W up, S down, A left and D right), firmly attached to ships (or clamped on if someone wants to go modular), which would allow us to basically make ships like that flying fortress from WW 2! or well just make mining a whole lot damn easyer... imagine not having to dive with yer ship, just to reach blocks in front and below ya, ya just aim yer turret which has mining lasers slapped on!

Maybe even make expensive drones? Like ya could comfortably sit in yer carrier, and pick a drone to use, lets say a mining drone for mining, a canister drone for syphons, or hey maybe ya just want to explore without moving yer entire carrier? maybe ya want to make combat drones,,, or even suicide drones full of volatile explosives... (so ya better be good at avoiding bullets till ya reach yer target)
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