Switches and buttons and other stuff...

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Switches and buttons and other stuff...

Postby Vuk Farkas » Mon Dec 05, 2016 11:16 pm

Switches have been added to the game eons ago but it seems since then, nothing has been changed! So far as i noticed we got 2 specialized switches Laser and Power switch, and several other colour coded ones, which could be used for anythin else...
Issue is the only thing i found that can be assigned to a colour are the generators (which already have a specialized switch)!

Jammer (as i call Ben the creator of this game) should really flesh out this! He could probably just make one switch, on which we choose a colour (or even better number just with basic numbers we would have 10 options) and every other parts we place, we could assign to same designation, thus controling them!

This way we would have only one switch, but with 10 (or more) "channels" to choose from, making less clutter in our inventories, and making changes and re-assigment easyer! To make switches easyer to ID the number of the channel should be displayed on them (heck it could be even letters, or combinations, or even whatever we type in it!).

Things that would GREATLY benefit from switches (and buttons) are: engines, clamps, weapons, light sources, air-brakes (cant remember atm what more we got feel free to add).

Reason for engines are simple, for example haulers do not need all their engines when they are not hauling (or not hauling heavy enough objects),not having to manually shut off gazzilion of them just not to have to run all the generators, and save fuel... which tbh doing manually each god damn time is a PAIN!

Clamps, pretty much self explanatory i dont want to risk getting squished or falling, (or maybe there simply isnt enough room) just to activate/deativate a clamp!!!

Weapons - these should have a button instead of a switch! (more explained later)

Light sources - maybe i wanna turn off lights to hide or for stealth, or just to reduce lag... but oh boy same issues as with engines and clamps! Or maybe i wanna turn them all on?

Air brakes - should be assignable to both buttons and switches (or even keyboard controls to allow for some sudden manuvering, like activating airbrakes only on left side to turn left sharply with a mere keystroke, wery useful for small ships like fighters and bombers, but big ships could use it too for colision awoidance for example)

BUTTONS - basically same as switches except instead of giving an off or on signal, they would just do a pulse (basically send a signal to activate while being pressed, and deactivate when released like a trigger, or just send an on then off pulse just enough to trigger assigned machines). This would be excelent for temporarily activating machines, especially weapons, for those moments when ya need to fire all of your weapons at once! or maybe ya want to send a morse code via lights? Or heck maybe ya want to assign machines into groups but ya dont want to spam switches twice for that on+off effect? (example firing mining lasers in rows to reduce lag, or groups of weapons)

We should also have gates in the game... and i mean like IF, OR, AND, NOT (etc) gates, to allows us to automate certain processes or even program machines! for example i want to turn on additional generators and lasers, but i want to do it by just one button push, so i can set an IF gate and assign a generator or a button to it, so for example if gen is on the mining laser is on too, or i can set the gate to react to a switch or even another gate for more tasks!

Why gates? simple, to allow more control, and complexity! Maybe i wanna make a cop ship but i dont wanna spam the lights alternatively to mimic the rotary lights, or have a crewmember be dedicated just to that, when a mere IF/OR block can do that for me (once a second would be an ideal cycle). Maybe i want to add an orange blinking light to show which way i will turn like on cars? Maybe i got this huge mining laser array but i dont want to crash the server by turning on all the lasers, but i dont want to litteraly run arround the ship pressing buttons, when i could press one button and let my smartly combined gates alternately turn lasers on and off. Or maybe it just grew damn anoying to click on all the cannons in my gattling ships one by one in same friggin order, when i could assign my cannons/lasers to gates, and have it automated by one button (depending on design it could be semi-auto,burst fire, or even automatic!). Or hey maybe some artsy fella wants to make an animation with the light blocks? Or maybe i want my carrier to have its air brakes activated automatically when my engines are off? (so that the ships landing on it dont push it away easily).

This way we could even make pulsing machines (example we could set a beacon that pulses its light on or off every few seconds, or even make an animation with light blocks for example like an arrow pointing somewhere, or a sign that flashes "danger magmasites" or somethin)

Also why lasers cant pass throu shutters and glass? i mean laser is LIGHT for hells sake (mining lasers used to when they first appeared), and laser weapons should pass throu glass too, since ...well they are lasers too

the deconstructor, or even the energy relays should be controlable by switches (for example ya got a newbie parking yer ship ower the deconstructor beam, while he was pushing that big ore ball, and ya need an emergency cut of power, but without having to hammer anythin...

Why control weapons with buttons? it would allow for example firing weapons in a barrage or salvo (example firing 2X2 heavy lasers at once as a "capital ship main weapon" to punch a hole in armor) or combine that with gates, ya can make lasers fire alternatively, basically having a constant beam, or combine it with cannons for burst fire for example like on those old battleships (or hey maybe your fighter looks like an X-wing from star wars, and ya cant reach the lasers, not to mention as a fighter you need spray of shots rather than a punch, to take out crew and bombers (alternating fire), while as a bomber, ya need more of a punch to preferably make a hole, or knock out equipment like engines (salvo). Or hey maybe yer just a big bad destroyer and ya need a barrage, and ya either lack crew, or maybe your crew simply cant do it fast enough... or maybe yer just lazy to repeat the same damn sequence... or ya want random shots? Gates and buttons can do all this and more! (example turning on additional generators when ya use weapons, which can be done with a IF gate)

Gates would be simple blocks to which you assign other blocks (or assign them to a channel) so they would take space on ship, not to mention if destroyed ship would loose those functions (which gonna sting if ya had a more complex setup, not cause of resource cost, but re-building that can be a pain). Gates should be among end-game (like made from syphon resources), preferably just one block where we choose what gate it gonna be and which machines and channels are assigned to it! Due to the fact they can be used to program machines, they should be fragile (so for example the detonation from a canon ball can damage them). Having just one block, which we can set-up as we desire should reduce inventory and recipe clutter!

Switches, buttons, gates, should be lit when used, and unlit when not used, and hopefully we can also name them (so we dont need to cram a god damn sign in a tiny ship, saying which button is power, which is engines, or lasers or tools like clamps!)

Ramming! Currently we got physics we ...cant really use much, except ramming experts like me to prevent the enemy from manuvering... I wanna see ship collision damage, could be lets say battering rams or spikes as low tier, and end game version could be powered, lets say plasma short range (melee) weapon, that burns throu anythin that touches...at a cost of having to be up close and purrrsonal! We got shield bubbles when ships teleport... do we have defencive shields? i think i made a thread about that long time ago... submit your thoughts!
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Re: Switches and buttons and other stuff...

Postby ItsRushTime » Tue Dec 06, 2016 4:39 am

I agree.
I also have some suggestions myself,
I think there should be new boss that one person can fight themselves, so one person could earn some special resources by themselves, since the game isn't fully popular yet.
I also think newer weaponry should be created as well like automatic rifles and new ship weapons.
I know i already mention this before, but i think the market should have some new adjustments because when you sell something for like 2000 coins, and then sell the next stack and only get 100 coins, i think he should slowly drop, like every time you sell 5 stacks, it drops 100 coins in till it gets to 100 because it will be way more harder to get money up when it drops the sell so fast and i don't think new players are going to like it much.
I also think there should be farming in the game with different food that make your help generate faster or slower, it depends on what one you eat and another thing that would be cool is armor for battle.
I also think that you shouldn't be able to use the jump drive to warp in a nations claimed system.
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Re: Switches and buttons and other stuff...

Postby Vuk Farkas » Tue Dec 06, 2016 4:42 am

jump driving in a claimed system is ok if ya ask me ... ya kinda risk jumping right in front of a turret...
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