р.п.д.и.п.а. Wildcat Mining & Acquisitions Incorporated

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р.п.д.и.п.а. Wildcat Mining & Acquisitions Incorporated

Postby WILDCATreactor » Tue Apr 07, 2015 12:48 am


A Privatized Joint Mining and Security Firm, Wildcat M&A Inc. fills all logistical roles to successfully resource contested or hostile systems. In addition to their freelance mercenary status, Wildcat also takes part in relief aid programs and maintains public-access garages for repair and refueling just outside of their claims. Membership is voluntary, vetted, and strict with a loose command organisation that places its focus more on soldier skill sets than it does on simple rank hierarchies. Our principle values rely on Honesty, Commitment to Yourself and your Promises, Intelligence Despite Education, Valor, Duty, and overall Integrity. Applicants should send myself or a recruitment officer a short essay on our mission statement (i.e. the paragraph you are reading) and what qualifies you to join this company.
*Short means standard grade school essay five paragraph format: just as a refresher course for anyone here actually out of high school, average paragraph length is four sentences, minimum three, with an average sentence length of ten words, and while I'm prone to verbosity and purple prose, don't feel like you need to imitate my style, let your own writing flow naturally (ref. Intelligence Despite Education), let me see who you are through your pen.*

Crew Roster
WILDCATreactor: CEO, CFO, Founder, Investor
VUK FARKAS: Resident Antiquarian, Non-Rank Personnel
Coolm5224: Recruit, Probationary

Actually, now I'm curious, what do players expect of a nation's goals?

For instance, the core concept behind WCMaAI is securing and maintaining claims for clients and being paid a cut of the profits as well as being a mining company that trades off their own resourcing profits to less industrial partners. Primary to that concern is having a fleet that can do that job, which means big mining barges and multi-section designs that require multiple crew and a significant manufacturing setup in our capital. The idea behind command assignments is less a chain of command where everyone is ordered around and more, I'm not sure how to put it, a bounty board where missions and their commanders are posted as well as the 'payout' (everyone has access to everything anyways, so I think ranks, commands, and qualifications as well as hand-crafted badges are the best way to go about rewards) and the crew signs up for the posting and position they feel they can fill best and if the mission commander feels they're qualified the job takes off.

Frankly, I need experience everywhere I can get it, namely anyone with histories in this game's combat, combat design, and logistics.
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