Update 0.96 - Merchant King!

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Update 0.96 - Merchant King!

Postby MrBenjammin » Tue Aug 25, 2015 10:13 pm

Hey guys, update 0.96 is now up. Firstly it's quite late to when I would of liked to get it out, so I apologise for that sincerely. A lot of time has been spent researching and attempting to fix a loading issue a bunch of players are experiencing. I believe it to be fixed at the moment after a lot of significant under the hood changes. So please let me know if you experience it further.

Anyway, onto the more interesting stuff. A new boss event has been added called Merchant King, much like the Magmasite Queen he will appear randomly at intervals. A portal will become available on the map that will lead you to his instance. Currently he drops 2 unique items and some resources. But I may be adding some further drops in the future. It'll be interesting to see if I need to make balancing changes to him as well as this is the first boss that requires a lot of skilful positioning on the players part! If you're lucky enough he could drop a neat trophy for you to parade around!

In other slightly different news, for journalists and YouTubers/Streamers who are interested in picking up a Sky Nations press key. All press keys are now done through a service called DoDistribute and can be found here. This is to help weed out a lot of people posing to be other people in order to get keys and the long process of trying to verify them.

How do I get the Update?
To see a full list of changes check out the change log below. The client will update automatically and player server files will be available here shortly.

Change Log 0.96
  • Added Merchant King Boss fight.
  • Added Merchant King trophy.
  • Added Merchant Horn. Dropped by Merchant King, can be used to call Merchant Cat.
  • Removed the drones from Merch Cat. They now protect their true leader the the Merchant King.
  • Added debug tracking for requested, failed and open requests for chunks to help solve a loading issue.
  • Added packet batching for when players enter a zone that isn’t loaded at all(such as logins/deaths/direct teleports). To hopefully resolve loading issues for some players.
  • Merchant Cat will no longer wait for players to leave his vicinity and will keep to his schedule much better.

  • Fixed admin /inst sometimes leaving the player stuck.
  • Fixed a crash when teleporting between zones with Inventory character preview open.
  • Chunk Caching has been set to default off in order to help identify a loading issue some players have where they get stuck on logging in. A checkbox has been added so it can still be set on in the Options menu for those with slower connections.
  • Fixed batching sizes for terrain data. More should be sent over one packet(and thus load faster for most people)
  • Fixed an issue with how entities were batch created over the net.
  • Fixed a possible server crash.
  • Fixed an issue with Merchant Cat where he couldn’t leave spawn if it didn’t have any gates. When no gates are available he will jump to a random non-capital system.
  • Fixed Merchant Cat’s warnings being said at the wrong times.
  • Ported over to Lidgren to avoid various issues caused by Raknet wrapper.
  • Fixed jumpy interpolation on players.
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